American Women Emerge United After ERA Townhall

American Women Emerge United After ERA Townhall
May 3, 2021 Robert Wood

Thank you very much for attending the EME ERA Townhall; your participation helped make it a huge success.

Well over a dozen major organizations with diverse constituencies participated and agreed that recognition and adoption of the ERA is an a priori issue for all of us in 2021.

As the wise Laura Carter Callow, Past Chair of Michigan ERAmerica said:

“We need to be speaking with one voice, loud and clear, with one single message:

We have fulfilled the constitutional requirement of ratification by 38 States and time-limits are unconstitutional.

We need to be saying this to all three branches of government.”

Please share this link to the video of the EME ERA Townhall and help raise awareness about the status of the ERA:

Oral arguments in our lawsuit to defend the ERA will take place this Wednesday May 5th; court is in session at 9:30am est.

Please spread the word, listen in and send our attorney Wendy Murphy good vibes as she makes the case for all American women and girls.

Our case is fifth up and court begins at 9:30am est.

• 20-1802 Equal Means Equal, et al. v. David Ferriero Appellants 15 min. Appellee 15 min.
calendar.pdf (

Public Access to the court’s live audio can be heard here:

If you can’t catch it live you can hear audio recordings of each argument here (you’ll need to download a free RSS Reader app first):

We will be following up with you shortly with next steps and the “calls to action” that came out of our Townhall.

Thank you for being in the struggle with us. Thank you for being willing to participate in the conversation. Thank you for fighting for everyone’s rights and human dignity. WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU.

More soon – keep the faith – spread the word.

No one is equal until everyone is equal.

With love and thanks

Kamala, Natalie, Wendy, Thila and Team EME.