April 24, 2023: Urgent and Immediate CALL TO ACTION: The ERA is on the Line This Week

April 24, 2023: Urgent and Immediate CALL TO ACTION: The ERA is on the Line This Week
April 24, 2023 Robert Wood

Equality Warriors – Mount up! We have an URGENT and IMMEDIATE Call to Action.

Today Senator Schumer announced that he will be bringing SJ Res 4 — AKA the “Time Limit Bill” —
to a vote on the Senate Floor. 

This surprise announcement will force each Senator to go on record and vote for or against Women and LGBT persons having Equal Rights and Protections in the Constitution.  Debate happens on Wednesday; the vote happens Thursday — of THIS WEEK.

We all know the make-up of the Senate, and that this is therefore little more than Political Theater – designed to create the perfect wedge issue for 2024 to fire up the bases for BOTH sides. What they aren’t counting on is for us, THE PEOPLE, to steal their show.

Two months ago we made headlines calling out Senator Graham and other opponents of the ERA at the first Senate hearing in 40 years.

Last month we teamed up with Generation Ratify to bring DC Traffic to a standstill all afternoon long.

ERA 100th Birthday events continue to be held not just across the country, but the Globe and we have NEVER been closer to achieving Constitutional Equality, but we need YOUR support and voice more than ever RIGHT NOW.

We must FLOOD every Senator’s inbox and social media account demanding the immediate publication of the ERA.

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL has always been a voice OF the People, FOR the People, beholden to nothing and no one but the truth and each other; so we are sending a team on an Emergency “Field Trip” to DC to be there in person.

In 72 hours we have the chance to seize this moment for our own; to hold Politicians from BOTH sides of the aisle accountable, to stop the heinous attacks on the LGBT community, to end the war on women, to protect marriage equality and close the wage gap; we have a chance to Change the Game – FOREVER.

Our team in DC will once again be on the front lines, and any support is greatly appreciated (and needed!).

We can get REALLY fired up at these things and speech in DC really isn’t free when you decide to exercise your First Amendment Rights.

If you’ve ever thought about getting more involved NOW IS THE TIME.

See you in DC for the Floor Debate on Wednesday and the Vote on Thursday – because EQUAL MEANS EQUAL.

In solidarity and with fierce determination, your friends,

Kamala, Natalie, Alice, Elizabeth, Nicole, Jean, Joel, Rob, Tom, Roberto, Jeff and the EQUAL MEANS EQUAL Team