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May 25, 2023

When you do BIG things people get #BigMad If the powers that be had it their way we'd sit down, shut up, and patiently wait for the "right time" How's that approach been working out for us so far? If #AlicePaul didn't dissent, disrupt, and fight then women probably wouldn't even have the VOTE. The time is NOW. Equality has no deadline and a #Trump Whitehouse memo and some precedents based on slavery and coverture laws are NOT enough to override Constitutional procedure and the will of the American People. YOU WORK FOR US and we are raising the minimum requirements for our support - BEING THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS IS NO LONGER GOOD ENOUGH. PERIOD. We aren't going away and we won't be quiet no matter what you do to us or who you send to deliver the message. See you on the right side of history 😎 #FreeTheERA #ERA100 #RatifiedAndReady #PublishTheERA @shatteringglassceiling @rethinkingeve @coribush Kate Kelly @generationratify @armchairactivists @genzforchange ERAMN @era_ncalliance @lbocwomenrising 3WF-Third Wave Feminism Ruth Sent Us Strike For America @equality.ohio ...

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is going to #Pride

May 24, 2023

Alright here's big announcement #1: WE'RE BRINGING THE PARTY TO #Pride and You're Invited! Now more than ever the #LGBT Community is under attack and we need to Stand Together, Speak Out, and Act Up! This year we come together not just to celebrate but to LIBERATE! The #EqualRightsAmendment will put an end to the 500+ laws and counting that are sweeping across the nation. #MarriageEquality PROTECTED FOREVER. #AntiTrans laws ILLEGAL. #MyBodyMyChoice RESTORED. Come see us at @westhollywood Pride Street Festival June 3rd and 4th to learn how the #ERA finally gets LGBT folks guarenteed Rights and Protections in the Constitution. The ERA is fully #RatifiedAndReady to do that RIGHT NOW. See you in June! @lgbtla @westhollywoodpride LA/West Hollywood Pride @west.hollywood ...

ERA Protects Kids

May 21, 2023

Time for some #UncomfortableTruths in a lot of households right this very minute #bedtime routines are happening. There's a reason so many #kids are afraid of the dark...and it isn't the #monsters in the closet that are keeping them up at night. Children are NOT dumb, they see what happens to full grown SA victims and their abusers- no wonder so many stay #silent Even at this young age they know in this Country the law is NOT on their side, not by a long shot. The #ERA changes that - FOREVER. It gives ALL PEOPLE #EqualRights and Protections in the #Constitution no matter what is or isn't between their legs - and THAT will #ChangeEverything. Thank you to Darkness to Light for the amazing graphics and @riseupchildrenschoir for this powerful cover of #Speechless #ProtectOurChildren It's time to #FreeTheERA #ERA100 #RatifiedAndReady @rainn @enough_abuse Lauren's Kids

Calm Down

May 20, 2023

It appears the #PowersThatBe are in FULL #PanicMode They have seen the #powerofthepeople✊ and are rightfully scared. Time to #FinishTheJob by removing their last legal and structural advantage. Right now there is NOTHING in the Constitution that says you can't discriminate or make laws based on Sex (see 400+ bills this year for examples) The #ERA puts an end to that FINALLY giving #EqualRights to ALL of us; men, women, and everyone in between. Best Part? Itis fully#RatifiedandReady to go. WE'VE ALREADY WON OUR RIGHTS - NOW ITS TIME TO FREE THEM #FreeTheERA #ERA100 #PublishTheERA #ERAsavesUSall Strike For America ...


May 19, 2023

You know when it comes to the #ERA @Equalmeansequal is THE original...and we're also the ones who GET SH!T DONE. We rode the horse the White House, we drove the big ass purple ice cream truck around, we brought back the Silent Sentinels, WE are the ones who STAND up to Senator #lindseygraham and #tedcruz and then get taken away in hand cuffs for saying the quiet part out loud. We are also the ones who stand up to the OTHER side too, when they don't have our backs the way they should - because equality has no party. We don't listen to talking heads or party lines, we listen to YOU and the TRUTH. That's IT. And it was with that in mind that we made over our website. It's bigger, bolder, easier to use, more interactive, and designed to get you off the sidelines and IN THE GAME. SO come check out our new digs, we've got lots to show you from merch to action hubs and interactive timelines and an entire catalog of free downloadable resources. See you at the party! ...

worldwide rise

May 18, 2023

All right interwebs time to #Rise and Shine! In case you haven't noticed THE ENTIRE WORLD is Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Reclaiming their Power. We are at a turning point in #history, not just in the #UnitedStates but EVERYWHERE. The time to pick a side is NOW; because we are building coalitions, organizing at all levels, and putting our lives on the line to make sure we end up on the #RightSideOfHistory The #EqualRightsAmendment is the biggest GAME CHANGER here in the #UnitedStates we've had in over a Century. It is fully #RatifiedAndReady to go, has been since 2020. Join the movement for #Equality today because #EqualMeansEqual #FreeTheERA #ERA100 @_womenlifefreedom_ @awidwomensrights @thecollectiverising @childrensdefensefund @amnesty Oxfam ...

Gonna miss #DNC

May 18, 2023

Is that #spring we smell in the air? Well whatever it is People sure are waking up and embracing their #Power Although We march for many reasons - #protecttranslives #MyBodyMyChoice #MarriageEquality #EndTheViolence #endthewagegap #MeToo #LGBTRights - ALL OF IT boils down to one thing. We do NOT have #EqualRights and Protections in the #Constitution and until We Do we will have to be constantly fighting these same battles over and over again. There's something else in 2020 #Virginia became the 38th and final state needed to ratify the #EqualRightsAmendment. #Equality doesn't have a party and right now BOTH of them are working together to hold the #ERA hostage. WE'VE ALREADY WON OUR RIGHTS. IT'S TIME TO FREE THEM. It started with the #TennesseeThree - we have seen our power, let's #FinishTheJob #FreeTheERA #ERA100 #RatifiedandReady 3WF-Third Wave Feminism @thetnholler @askwitwd generationratify
Strike For America

Elizabeth Vs. Ted Cruz Round Two: Since when is the Capitol Building Private Property?!?

May 17, 2023

Round one of Elizabeth Croydon vs #TedCruz is in the books; and like with all things #ERA related it is SUS. What do we mean by that? Well for starters ONE charge became THREE and they hadn't even bothered to finish filling in the paperwork. So they arraigned her - AGAIN. The next part is the MOST disturbing though. Apparently our beloved Capitol Building no longer belongs to us, the people; according to the DC Prosecutor's office the CAPITOL BUILDING IS NOW PRIVATE PROPERTY. Was this a "clerical error"? Freudian slip of the tongue? OR A GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE? Then they of course added on two more for calling out #TedCruz and the rest of Congress and #PresidentBiden for using a #Trump White House Memo as an excuse to NOT #PublishTheERA. We haven't even talked about the part where they SCRUBBED THE SENATE RECORD OF HER SPEECH or how even though our Lawyer was physically AT the Jail she was NOT allowed to speak with her. Obviously pleading guilty to entering a private building unlawfully when what she actually did was enter a public building with written permission and submitting to all security procedures, going so far as to tell other members of the gallery to move out of the way so the police could do their job safely as she exercised her first amendment rights, was NOT an option. So we will be heading back to court on June 7th. Standing up for women, equal rights, free speech because EQUAL MEANS EQUAL. ...

ag 2 0

May 17, 2023

ONLY #ERAsaves #ReproRights & ?️‍? #LGBT Rights!!

#MarchtoWhiteHouse @ERACaucus @EqualMeansEqual


#ERA is #RatifiedAndReady for Pres. Biden to do his JOB (per Article II §3 CONSTITUTION) & #PublishERA

He can do it with ONE ☎️ or ONE ✍? (See link to draft Executive Order below).



Read ALL about it at

“Slavery, Coverture & the Unpublished Equal Rights Amendment”

TEXT him 302-404-0880 #FreeTheERA

Tulane Study link between state abortion policies and maternal deaths

FOCUS all your action??Biden & @VP

? @POTUS has Constitutional DUTY Art.II§3 to☎️/✍? Direct Archivist to #PublishERA NOW


?#ERA Testmy @JudiciaryDems
#ExecOrder ExC