October 30, 2023: Failure to Publish ERA is A Global Human Rights Issue – Join us in Washington DC November 1st

October 30, 2023: Failure to Publish ERA is A Global Human Rights Issue – Join us in Washington DC November 1st
October 30, 2023 Robert Wood

We are well and truly into fall and things are getting downright scary; violence and war are on the rise and, as usual, women, children, and the LGBTQ community are the ones paying the heaviest price. Whether it is the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire worldwide, the three women a day killed by their partner in the United States, or the ascension to Speaker of the House in our Congress by a man who has called for a nationwide ban on reproductive rights and to eliminate the rights of gay people, it seems the only thing the world and our politicians can agree on is that we are expendable.

So, while the United States claims to be a champion of freedom and equality on the global stage, the Equal Rights Amendment remains unpublished 1,365 days and counting after its ratification was certified.

Our friend Bettina Hager, Chief of Policy and Programs for the ERA Coalition, attended the 139th International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and urged the United Nations to remind the United States to honor its purported commitment to civil and political rights for all its citizens and publish the Equal Rights Amendment.

In fact, several of our partner organizations sent representatives to Geneva to point out the failure of the U.S. Government to meet the standards it sets for other nations, to the point where the United States is not even eligible to sign CEDAW; and the UN’s unwillingness to confront this deadly hypocrisy.

Bettina Hagar, ERA Coalition Chief of Policy and Programs (L) Palais de Nations, United Nations, Geneva (R)

“While the US champions human rights on the global stage, it cannot ignore the pressing issues and inequalities faced by its own citizens. Protecting and preserving basic human rights includes equality before the law.
It is time for the US to align its actions at home with its professed commitment to supporting women’s rights elsewhere.”
Mel Bailey, Equality Now

UN Human Rights Committee Vice Chair, Changrak Soh, questioned the U.S. delegates directly about this glaring inconsistency just last week in Geneva. Much like AG Merrick Garland, when put on the spot by Representative Cori Bush last month, they didn’t have much to say in the way of an explanation.

We are still waiting for an answer as to why the U.S. government seems so determined to keep women and LGBTQ people out of the Constitution. 

How much longer can the U.S. say one thing
and do the complete opposite?
It looks like not much longer at all.😂
And that is thanks to people like YOU,
and all the equality warriors who continue
the century long fight for Constitutional equality.


Every time you share a post, write an email, text the president or your Representatives, or tell someone you know the truth about the ERA you are making a difference; that’s why we dedicate the bulk of our time and resources to providing you with free tools, guides, and so much more; to make doing just that as easy as possible. Things like our interactive calendar,  where you can find or submit events in your community for free – no sign up or account required, just a new tool to help you connect with your community; or our entire section of educational resources and lesson plans for all age groups; and of course  our collection of click, download, and go tool kits from not just us, but other amazing organizations and individuals as well.

Speaking of amazing partners, we are so excited to be heading back to the Capitol this November 1st through the 4th for DENDROFEMONOLOGY: The Feminist History Tree Ring.

Join us for four days of art, activism, and community building envisioned by our friend, artist Tiffany Shlain. EQUAL MEANS EQUAL joins the Women’s National History Museum, She the People, Vital Voices, Ms. Magazine, ERA Coalition, and many more feminist organizations in Washington DC for a series of events to reclaim our history and ensure a tomorrow where we can all live in peace, freedom, and dignity.

From dynamic speakers and history tours, to an art parade and a silent disco 😁 meet us on the National Mall for this unforgettable chance to be a part of herstory.

Check out our interactive calendar or for more information.

Don’t forget to grab a #PublishTheERA sticker from Team EME who will be there all week!  Find Alice Crenshaw (the Glitter Tornado), Shannon Parry (Graphix Creatrix Extraordinaire) and one of our youngest little warriors, Charlie, the Secret Weapon.

So there’s your sweater weather update: for years the powers-that-be have tricked us into believing that we all had equal rights, and now that candy-coated lie, wrapped in legal jargon and sprinkled with propaganda, is melting before their eyes.

The ugly truth is revealed to the world — the U.S. Government refuses to provide its women, girls and LGBTQ+ citizens with their inalienable right to equality despite their legal obligation to do so. And EQUAL MEANS EQUAL will not take it lying down.

❤️First we did the “impossible” and
ratified the last three states;
💚then we dragged the ERA back into the spotlight,
unapologetically calling out anyone, regardless of party,
who defied Article V and the will of the people
by leaving a fully ratified amendment unpublished
for the first time in our nation’s history;
💜and now we won’t stop until the 28th amendment
takes its proper place in the US Constitution.



But we definitely need your help to keep doing our work: not toeing any party or corporate line means we rely solely on your generous donations, merchandise purchases, and BetterWorld buys to keep the pressure (and the lights) on.

In our next update we will let you in on something we’ve been working on behind that scenes that is in keeping with our commitment and track record on behalf of the ERA: to do whatever it takes to get our government to recognize our equality and stop withholding our rights.

For now, our upcoming action has to remain under wraps, but keep your eye out for it; it’s coming… and it’s big. We can’t wait to share the news with you very soon.

with love and gratitude,

Kamala, Natalie, Alice, Shannon, Natily, Joel, Tom, Roberto, Rob and the entire EME team