June 19, 2021: Come to the Third Week of the ERA Sentinel Project in Washington D.C.

June 19, 2021: Come to the Third Week of the ERA Sentinel Project in Washington D.C.
June 19, 2021 Robert Wood

Equal Means Equal’s President Kamala Lopez and Legal Counsel Wendy Murphy spoke on Los Angeles’ KPFK 90.7 FM  about the ERA Sentinel Project and ask whether the Biden administration truly supports the ERA. Join us for a quick three minutes on “Politics Or Pedagogy?” and please share widely.


As the ERA Sentinel Project moves into its third week, we continue to gain momentum among the public and DOJ officials in Washington DC. People who are walking by are stopping to hold signs with us and show their support for the ERA.

Thank you to all the ERA Sentinels out there representing all American Women and working tirelessly to finally see justice for all of us.

Natalie White, EME VP managing the ERA Sentinel Project in DC with Rachel Donlan, said: “I am so happy about the positive responses we’ve been receiving from the ERA Sentinels! I have no doubt that we are getting the attention of the Department of Justice. All we have to do is keep reminding them we are there and we see them. And we don’t like their opposition to the ERA.

We invite all women’s rights organizations and corporations who publicly support the Equal Rights Amendment to take a stand with us.  They are welcome to bring their signs, fly their colors and join the party!  We invite anyone who cares about American women and girls to help us take this ERA Sentinel project from a small protest to a massive showing for equal rights for all.

We hope to continue to grow the ranks of the ERA Sentinels with volunteers who can donate their time or by your generous sponsorship of a woman in D.C. from to take shifts for you.

Thank you very much for signing up to take a shift here:

Or donating to hire a Sentinel in DC to take a shift for you here:

Equal Means Equal hopes this peaceful protest action will help build comradery and sisterhood across diverse and disparate groups of women in the service of our common goal: equality for all.

Love and thanks

Kamala, Natalie, Wendy, Thila, Rebecca and the EME Team