July 11, 2023: Fighting Back Against the Unprecedented Rollbacks: Update on the NOW National Conference, ERA Banner Drops & More EME Actions

July 11, 2023: Fighting Back Against the Unprecedented Rollbacks: Update on the NOW National Conference, ERA Banner Drops & More EME Actions
July 11, 2023 Robert Wood

We’ve entered the dog-days of summer and unfortunately things have gone from bad to worse as the temperature rises around the country, along with in state legislatures and courtrooms from coast to coast.

Like the smoke from the Canadian wildfires, lies, propaganda, and dirty tricks are being used everywhere you look to keep the fully ratified Equal Rights Amendment from taking its rightful place as the 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

What do we mean? Let’s start with Gavin Newsom introducing a “new” 28th Amendment about gun control! 🤔  While we normally like what the Governor has to say; this time our reply is “Twenty-Nine GET IN LINE!”

Regardless of an illegal Trump OLC memo
and the failure of President Biden to do his duty and faithfully execute our laws,

We’re not sure if Governor Newsom is aware, but it took the 27th amendment 203 years to complete the amendatory process and it has been a hundred years and counting for the Equal Rights Amendment — which now has the dubious honor of longest time between ratification and publication in United States history, thanks to a “memo” from the Justice Department of the most criminal administration to date.

Nonetheless, as per Article V, the ERA is Federal law NOW and must be adopted and enforced.

“[An Amendment] shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States” – Article V, U.S. Constitution

On a particularly disturbing note, the White House mysteriously removed all mention of the ERA from Women’s History Month on their website. In its centennial year, no less! 


These are the same folks who are dumping MILLIONS into a “Get Out the Vote” campaign based on equal rights! And these are just the people on “our” side. 😳🙄

Our opposition is deploying all their “tried and true” favorites: from bathrooms, to sports, to the modern scarlet letter, abortion, with stunning success.

In the past few weeks Indiana, North Carolina, and now Iowa have called a Special Session to enact six-week bans on terminating pregnancies.

The bills against the LGBTQ community this year number in the HUNDREDS; the LA County sheriffs are attacking civilian bystanders; access to birth control and no-fault divorce are both being questioned in court; affirmative action was struck down; and the court re-affirmed it is indeed LEGAL to discriminate on the basis of sex.

All the while, the ERA sits unused, ready to battle back all of these encroachments on liberty.

Our Glitter Tornado, Alice Crenshaw recently attended the National NOW conference with the help of her local Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State NOW chapters and is delighted to report the ERA was THE topic of the convention.

Although the buses for the rally were canceled due to weather, she and members from multiple chapters including Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, and New York braved the elements and trooped down to 1600 Pennsylvania to ask “Mr. President, how long must women wait for equality?”

The NOW National Board is voting on an Emergency Resolution regarding
the immediate publication of the ERA
& formation of an
ERA Publication Action Task Force!

If you are a member, make sure you voice your support for the Emergency ERA resolution now!

The weekend ended on a high note with the launch of our Banner Drop campaign! EME participated in “Drop It for the ERA” spearheaded by Ashlie Brady and our partners at LB/OC Women Rising.


Banners dropped up and down the coast of California and in the nation’s Capitol at the National Archives and the Lincoln Memorial.

State chapter presidents of both Georgia and North Carolina chanted together to the holiday crowd, educating the public about how 200 million Americans are STILL not equally protected in the Constitution.

From L.A. to Sacramento, California came out strong for the ERA at overpasses, airports, and public spaces everywhere; check out this article in the Fullerton Observer for more highlights:

And head to our website for the FREE toolkit so you can do your own banner drop!


Speaking of free, we absolutely love providing all these tools, resources, updates, and actions for you, but those do cost money and right now we are very much in need of it to keep doing this work.

When an organization refuses to take “no” for an answer, stands up loudly and proudly for the truth, holds powerful people accountable, no matter what team they play for or who they know, and actually gets out there and DOES SOMETHING — finding big backers and landing grants is extremely difficult.

The powers that be, even the ones friendly to us, only believe in rocking the boat so much. But we are out here creating a wave of change and empowering you to join the fight in multiple ways.

This mosaic of a movement takes many different types of people and contributions. Most of our skeleton crew donates their time and talent, while a few receive a very small stipend to help cover some expenses; so know that anything and everything you send us really does go right back into actions and resources – not overhead and salaries.

We know not everyone can write a big fat check or even a small one; but if you can, NOW is the time: literally every dollar helps us keep the lights on.

In solidarity, with fierce determination and hope,

your friends Kamala, Natalie, Alice and the entire EQUAL MEANS EQUAL Team 😍

P.S. See you at Seneca Falls! You didn’t think we would miss the ERA Centennial convention did you?!

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