January 29, 2024: This Valentine’s Day We Turn to Men

January 29, 2024: This Valentine’s Day We Turn to Men
January 29, 2024 Robert Wood

EME is on an urgent mission to complete ERA publication before November and will have a great deal to share with you very soon. 😃  As we gear up for our massive new campaign, we begin this Valentine’s Day asking those who love us to give us something that will truly make our lives better, happier, & safer: equal rights and protections under law.

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL invites you to help us focus on a group of allies that have been ignored:  MEN.  For all the years that we have been active in the fight for the ERA, less than 7% of our supporters have been male.😳  Let’s change that today.

We all know that the Equal Rights Amendment and equality writ large benefit ALL Americans, not just women and girls.  American families are losing a huge portion of their income to gendered economic discrimination, and that affects every man in our society too.

So this year, while we love flowers, chocolates and sweet words — we need equality. On January 27th of 2020 we won our rights, but for the first time in our nation’s history, a fully ratified amendment is being held hostage. We cannot free it alone; we have tried for two administrations and four years.

We need the men in our lives to join us on the frontlines of this fight. Please send this plea to every good guy you know and ask them to STEP UP & GIVE.

Every male ally who donates to this campaign will have their name added to the permanent digital equality scroll on our website.


Nothing says I love you like
“I believe you are a full and equal human being deserving of the same rights, protections, and legal standing in the Constitution I enjoy!”

One last thing before we go, from now on you’ll be getting shorter updates more often about our big plans. Get ready — the moment that turns the tide is fast approaching.

Thanks to all our members, supporters and equality warriors for standing with us!
We will not quit until our Constitution includes us all.

With love and gratitude,

Team EME