June 29, 2023: CALL TO ACTION: Rally Outside the White House for Independence and the ERA

June 29, 2023: CALL TO ACTION: Rally Outside the White House for Independence and the ERA
June 29, 2023 Robert Wood

We are ending June and heading into July with a bang; so get ready because we are turning up the heat on the fight to free the ERA! There’s no time to waste so let’s get right into it.

Tomorrow, Friday June 30th 2023, we are taking a page from our past to create a better future. We are heading to the most famous address in DC to ask, once again – “MR. PRESIDENT HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT FOR EQUALITY?”

Yes, that’s right, just like the Silent Sentinels over a century ago — tomorrow we take to the streets of Washington DC to demand our equal rights in the U.S. Constitution. So, if you’re in the DC area we will see you tomorrow at 3:30 PM at LaFayette Park in front of the White House.

That’s not the only thing going down this holiday weekend; from sea to shining sea we are swapping the stars and stripes for the colors that truly represent US.
Whether that be:

  • the Equal Rights Amendment,
  • LGBTQ Pride
  • BLM
  • whatever social justice movement is nearest and dearest to your heart

to demand equal rights and protections for ALL of us in the U.S. Constitution. 

So as you attend festivities this week wave your favorite cause’s flag; and on Sunday find a busy spot in your town and drop a banner for equality! We’ve put together everything you need to create your banner, make your own mini flags, and for you tech lovers we even have a digital banner file to project on any wall, building, or screen. 

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL has always been a voice OF the People, FOR the People, beholden to nothing and no one but the truth and each other JOIN US AND LET’S COME TOGETHER

For too long the powers that be have found ways to build walls between our intersecting movements. This Independence Day Weekend WE ARE TEARING THEM DOWN.

Until we are all equal in the eyes of the law, the law will continue to be applied to us unequally; and the only way to change that is to ensure everyone has EQUAL RIGHTS AND PROTECTIONS IN THE CONSTITUTION. Equality has no party; it’s time to publish the ERA.

In solidarity and with fierce determination, your friends,


Kamala, Natalie, Alice and the EQUAL MEANS EQUAL Team