VA Get Out to Vote

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL held a Get Out The Vote campaign for the 2019 state legislative elections in Virginia in order to elect a pro-ERA majority in the Old Dominion. Declaring Suffolk to be a battleground in the election, the EME website featured the following:

Well, this is it. It’s the night before Election Day and EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is proud to say, we’ve left it all on the field. Between the outreach, the media, the education – we feel confident that every voter in Virginia is aware that the Equal Rights Amendment is on the line in this state election.

We thank our amazing partners, VA Ratify ERA, who shouldered the plow with us every single day across the state. And to all of you who phonebanked, postcarded, flyered, called reporters, everything everyone did – THANK YOU. Regardless of the vote tomorrow, there is no doubt that we have had an impact on this local election.

We were on the cover of the local newspapers both Saturday and Sunday, which ain’t chopped liver on the weekend before the election:

Thanks to Marie Albiges for sticking with the story – as those of you who read our newsletters know, Marie came by the EME House for one of our very first Sunday Dinners and she didn’t release the story until now. She came back to speak with us twice after the first time, and really got to know us and see what we were up to. Her article is personal, specific and makes a great case for why folks should GOTV tomorrow:

Special thanks to all those who participated in the videos and to the absolutely Herculean efforts of Kumar and Thila over these past two months. On October 26th, early in the morning, EME’s lovely Thila, our very own Director of Marketing & Communications, had to have an emergency C-section.

Since last Saturday, while Thila and the baby have been in the ICU, Kumar has nonetheless been valiantly working with me post the daily social media messages and to finish the videos. We thank both of them profusely – they will leave the hospital tomorrow, just in time to hear the news of the elections here in Virginia.

Ho, ho, hey, hey – time to pray for the ERA.

Love and thanks,
Kamala, Natalie and the entire EME Team