Sonja Nuttall

Sonja Nuttall

Lead Advisor

Sonja Nuttall is known for her unwavering passion for building ventures that drive positive change and has had global impact on companies through multiple creative channels including art.

With a track record as a serial entrepreneur, Sonja has served as a Strategic and Creative Director, designer, and visionary leader for numerous successful ventures, including roles in companies such as WeAre8, GuardianLink, Urbanzen, TedWomen, and Cinema, each contributing to significant global transformations and aimed for billion-dollar valuations.

Her belief in the power of profitable enterprises to catalyze philanthropy and political activism, coupled with her talent for talent cultivation and team connectivity, underscores her mission to drive positive change. Whether as a board member, designer, marketer, filmmaker, or capital fundraiser, Sonja’s business acumen and innovative spirit have consistently propelled her teams toward success.

In her role as a Lead Advisor and Board Member of EQUAL MEANS EQUAL, Sonja contributes her expertise to drive their important and urgent mission to further social progress and equality while advancing the Equal Rights Amendment

As a Zen Buddhist, artist, global creative director, fashion designer, serial entrepreneur, and activist, Sonja’s work embodies sustainable style and a commitment to philanthropy. Her diverse portfolio reflects her love for humanity, dedication to preserving culture, and exploration of beauty through art and commerce.

Renowned designer Alexander McQueen once lauded Sonja for her visionary approach to forecasting trends, underscoring her intuitive talent and precise vision. As the Founder and CEO of Jyakuen from 2017 to the present, Sonja continues to lead initiatives in all fields of the disruptive market.

As the co-founder and Chief Curation Officer of Cur8ion, a disruptive art startup, Sonja spearheads efforts to democratize art ownership, making high-value art accessible to people worldwide.

At WeAre8, Sonja’s impact extends to her contributions as a founding team member and Chief of Advocates and Influencers, where she played a pivotal role in building the company’s foundation, raising capital, and guiding its trajectory toward a multi-Million dollar success. WeAre8 stands as a testament to Sonja’s commitment to creating platforms that empower and give back to communities at scale.

Sonja holds an MA in Fashion Design and Textiles from Saint Martin’s College in London, England. A recognized designer, Sonja received the “Most Promising Young Designer” award issued by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Scholarship Trust.