Virginia is only ONE VOTE AWAY from adding Gender Equality for all Americans to the U.S. Constitution! The outcome of these VA House of Delegates races will determine if Virginia ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment in 2020.

We desperately need help funding the fight in Virginia

If you support…
Equal pay for equal work
An end to gender-based discrimination
Equal justice for victims of rape and domestic violence
Developing a culture of respect for women and men

Please support our efforts to pass the Equal Rights Amendment today!

If you are a local Virginian and want to ride on the iScream Truck, we need at least six volunteers per day on the truck and more to meet and educate at the events. To join the team please sign up here:

Come to Virginia:

From September 1st through Election Day (November 5) we will cruise the state with a sweet #iScream4Equality ice cream tour. To amp up the fun, we rented a house and we are hitting the ground everyday and giving out free ice cream from September 12th through November 6th. Come volunteer and join the fun.  Sign up here to book your room at the EME HOUSE!

Can’t come?  Buy an exclusive ERA VA Jersey to help us fundraise for #iScream4Equality!  These beautiful shirts display Virginia 38 on the back and Legalize Equality, Vote Yes on ERA, Equal Means Equal on the front!  Made by our very own Thilagavathi Siva and her team in India, these shirts will show you are LOUD and PROUD about equal rights for all Americans and help educate the public on this urgent issue!  All funds raised from these shirts will go directly into the Virginia Campaign.

Order now and help fuel the fight in Virginia!

On a budget?  These beautiful lavender shirts are being sold for twenty bucks!  We want everyone who believes in ERA and wants to show their support to be able to do so!  Supplies are limited!  Buy your exclusive #iScream4Equality T-shirts today!

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL and VAratifyERA encourage all Americans to help make herstory in Virginia this fall!

Have some time to fight for equal rights but can’t make it to Virginia? You’ve got choices!  Here are some good ones:

  1. Phone bank on your own time, from your own place, at your convenience! 

Virtual phone banks are available online and all you need is a computer, the link, a phone, and a (free) ActionID logon.

Drop a line to to get the special link!


  1. Amplify the Message on Social! 

Amplify the social media game (@EqualMeansEqual@VAratifyERA and @iScream4Equality) and invite friends / neighbors / colleagues to join you in making history. Consider amplifying your own efforts by hosting a phone bank / postcard party.


  1. Educate the 96% of Americans that think women already have equal rights!

Learn and share information about the Equal Rights Amendment: what it is, why we need it and what you can do to make it happen by watching Legalize Equality, the short 30min film about the ERA.  Invite folks over to watch the film together to understand why the stakes are so high in Virginia this November.

Buy now and share:

  1. Fundraise in your own special way!

Grassroots efforts need grassroots fundraising – no fundraiser is too big or too small when equality is on the line!  Do your own thing then donate the proceeds at or and we will use them in Virginia to win in November and secure equal rights for all in January!

Educate yourself on our twenty closest House of Delegates races in our 20/20Vision for Equality list

Learn more about the local races in Virginia and fight for the candidates who will help us win the ERA in January!

Thank you for your time, talent and energy in service of the ERA, Equality Warrior!  Hope to see you in Virginia!