Legalize Equality DVD

A brisk thirty minutes, this updated short film about the ERA makes the strong legal and economic argument for why completing ERA Ratification in these last two states is critical today, more than ever. Excerpted from the award-winning documentary, Equal Means Equal, with new footage and commentary, Legalize Equality streamlines the critical information necessary to put in the hands of the uneducated or skeptical. Making the case for ERA in a concise and compelling manner, this DVD is sure to help raise awareness and galvanize momentum to finish the job once and for all.

We are sharing this first batch on the Equality Store, 100% of proceeds go to cover manufacturing costs and get another batch made.

Let’s get these short films into the hands of any and all state legislators in unratified states, ASAP! Buy a dozen and give them out like candy!

All proceeds from these sales are a 100% tax-deductible donation.

1 DVD for $5
12 DVDs for $50

For enquiries email us at [email protected]

Equal Means Equal Equality Necklace

Satya Jewelry & Equal Means Equal worked together to create this harmonious piece based on logo design by Anna Fink. The symbol represents full equality between the sexes under law – Equal Means Equal.

We believe that equality is the first step towards a more balanced world, a world where women participate fully and equally with men in all aspects of society and bring their distinct and important qualities to bear on creating a more just, humane and sustainable future.

100% of all profits from this piece support the work of the Heroica Foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls all over the world through education and media.

Handcrafted crystal crowns, headpieces & jewelry

25% of all sales of JUDYandMADELEINE handcrafted crystal crowns, headpieces & jewelry will be contributed to the Heroica Foundation. Additional styles are available, visit their site by clicking “Buy” below.

PussSheCat Earrings

Created by Christine Busch Lyons, Zirkus Inc., Port Townsend, WA, 25% of proceeds will be contributed to the Heroica Foundation.

PussShe Cat earrings are made of German Silver (White Bronze) and come in two sizes:

  • Small PussSheCat earrings – $25.00
  • Medium PussSheCat earrings – $30.00

Visit her site by clicking “Buy” below.