We pray that the Supreme Court will decide to take up our case and affirm our humanity and equality - on par with all people.

  • Join us in a Virtual Vigil to Pray for the ERA on October 8, 2020 at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST
  • Light a candle and say a prayer for equality (we recommend a glass jar type candle that will last at least an hour)
  • Join us as we pray for justice for the 161 million women and girls living in this country and urge the Supreme Court to take up the case for the ERA.
  • During the vigil, hear more about the lawsuit and status of ERA in the courts from our lawyers and activists from around the nation.


After 100 years and millions of women working hundreds of millions of hours to achieve ERA ratification, American women achieved ratification on January 27th, 2020 when Virginia became the 38th and final state needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?

Our landmark case, pending in the Supreme Court, brings American women closer to having equal rights than ever before. Our case, Equal Means Equal, The Yellow Roses, and Katherine Weitbrecht versus David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, was brought to force the Archivist to publish the Equal Rights Amendment (“ERA”) in the Constitution as the 28th Amendment (case #20-318).

The Supreme Court will decide on October 9, 2020, in conference, if it will include this historic case among the few it agrees to hear this year. Now, only four votes are needed to accept the case.


Help create a buzz in social media:

If you cannot participate in the live virtual vigil on October 8th at 5pm pst (8pm est), you can still help create momentum and raise awareness in social media in the days before the #Pray4ERA event.

Please post a picture of yourself lighting a candle for equality, using the hashtags #Pray4ERA #SCOTUSCertifyERA #EqualMeansEqual and tag your friends to do the same.

Every voice counts in this fight! Get your family, friends and everyone in your social media networks to light a candle and say a prayer for equality and urge the Supreme Court to take up the case for the ERA.

Please, let us know you stand with us at this historic moment by posting your picture today and tagging #EqualMeansEqual!

Organize Women & Allies in your Towns to Fight for ERA Certification

Join the dozens of women’s organizations and thousands of women using the EQUAL MEANS EQUAL documentary film to reinvigorate and complete the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment!

Host a safe screening virtually from now until October 8th and educate your friends and colleagues about the importance of legal equality for women and the ERA.