EQUAL MEANS EQUAL offers an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today. Examining both real-life stories and precedent-setting legal cases, director Kamala Lopez uncovers how outdated and discriminatory attitudes inform and influence seemingly disparate issues, from workplace harassment to domestic violence, rape and sexual assault to the foster care system, and the healthcare conglomerate to the judicial system. Along the way, she reveals the inadequacy of present laws that claim to protect women, ultimately presenting a compelling and persuasive argument for the urgency of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Galvanize your community to join the fight for the ERA by organizing a screening of EQUAL MEANS EQUAL.

“The documentary successfully demonstrates that the time is right to now revisit the ERA, and clearly shows that many of our societal problems are inter-connected, the origins of which can be traced to the discrimination of and violence towards women.” - Forbes