May 20, 2020: This She-Session Proves How Important ERA is For American Women

May 20, 2020: This She-Session Proves How Important ERA is For American Women
May 20, 2020 Robert Wood

They are calling this new reality a “Shesession” to indicate how the brunt of the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic has fallen on American women’s shoulders like a ton of bricks.  This novel corona virus has wiped out ten years of the economic gains women have made through hard work and struggle. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Sexual misconduct in America’s colleges and schools has been turned on its ear by Secretary De Vos, who has EME back in court now on two fronts – fighting for ERA AND Title IX (essentially ERA on college campuses). All of our gender issues would have had better outcomes right now if the ERA had been certified as the 28th amendment on January 27th of this year – which was the law. With the necessary 38 states having now ratified the ERA and the Department of Justice blocking its certification and adoption, the fight for women’s equality has shifted to federal court and the U.S. Senate for upcoming action.

The battle for the ERA has dire present realities that are unexplored in the TV series, Mrs. America which is being discussed in the the five-part educational webinar series titled “Rethinking Sisterhood: The Role of Media in Affirming the ERA”. The webinar continues every Thursday through June 4th. The series heightens public awareness about this vital current affairs issue.

This webinar, “Dissecting Propaganda and Other Media Abuse”, the third in a five-part series, explores how mainstream media is often a tool of deliberate information manipulation and control. The three speakers, filmmakers and activists, all have extensive and varied experiences with corporate and independent media in traditional form and now on the web. This promises to be a highly provocative discussion about the media’s failure to report on current Equal Rights Amendment activities.

This week’s three webinar speakers are:

Maria Giese is the American feature film director, screenwriter, and journalist who instigated the groundbreaking industry-wide ACLU and federal investigations for women directors in Hollywood.

DeeDee Halleck is a media activist and the founder of Paper Tiger Television and co-founder of the Deep Dish Satellite Network. She is Professor Emerita in the Department of Communications at the University of California, San Diego.

Shireen Mitchell is a Digital data analyst/Disinfo fighter in diversity, tech, media and politics. She is the founder of Digital Sisters/Sistas and Stop Online Violence Against Women, a project to address online threats against especially women of color.


By enlarging the aperture on present mainstream media shortcomings, this panel will deepen participants’ awareness of how the media can be used to inform or to misinform. Attendees will be encouraged to take action now in support of how the ERA can become the 28th Amendment.

The cononavirus pandemic has been tough on all of us, but we’ve managed to continue to wage a campaign to see equal rights the law of the land. It’s been a struggle to maintain day-to-day operations, but we have tried to persevere. We also expect a costly fight in the federal courts. Our opposition is organized, well-financed and committed to doing all in its power to block the ERA. We cannot win this fight without your help. If you are able to help out, your generosity would be greatly appreciated at this time. Equal Means Equal has prided itself on doing a lot with a little help from our friends. We could use your help to ensure our fight goes forward. As always we thank you for your support.

With love and gratitude,

Kamala, Natalie and the EME Team

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