May 25, 2018

URGENT Call-To-Action Illinois. Only need 3 more votes!!!

By Kamala, Natalie, Joel, Jules, Lizzy, Sarabeth, Thila and EME team.

URGENT! IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED TODAY! The fight in Illinois is very very close. According to our sources in the know, it is literally down to THREE VOTES…

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The ERA can be voted on in the full House of Delegates in Illinois anytime.  We are in the final stretch, team!  Now is the time for us to get that second wind and push through to victory!

“What we are hearing is that the House is going to adjourn today after session and take a weekend break.  This has rarely happened in the history of the last weekend of session. Generally there is session every or at least one day of the last weekend.

Yesterday, one of our lobbyists reported that Rep. DeLuca was not sure of his vote for the ERA.  I know that he and his office have made it clear that he supports the ERA.  We need to clarify if DeLuca is a Yes or a No. It could be a good idea to put phone calls into yes votes today/over the weekend to make sure people are getting “thank you’s” if we know they are “yes” just to keep some positive pressure up.

We are very close but we don’t have 71 votes as of yesterday evening. Please do not cold call Republican donors. IF you have a personal relationship with a Republican donor, it is not a problem to call. BUT DONT cold call donors.

What happens to the Illinois budget is of importance to ERA. If a budget is crafted that the Governor will accept, the legislature will probably be done on May 31 until Veto Override, which is after the election.  If the budget is reached and not accepted by the Governor, than there will be some legislative days in the summer.” – Source from Illinois House of Delegates

Kamala Lopez Speaking Before the Illinois Committee About ERA

We only need 3 more votes at the moment and those votes could come from anywhere. But these are the reps who we feel are our best chances and have not yet committed to voting yes:


District Phone


La Shawn K. Ford

(773) 378-5902

Michael McAuliffe

(773) 444-0611


Mary Flowers

(773) 471-5200

Margo McDermed

(815) 277-2079

Grant Wehrli

(630) 696-4160

Christine Winger

(847) 252-9311

Patricia Bellock

(630) 852-8633

Mike Fortner

(630) 293-9344

Keith Wheeler

(630) 345-3464

David Harris

(224) 764-2440

Rita Mayfield

(847) 599-2800


Sheri Jesiel

(847) 395-8000

Barbara Wheeler

(217) 782-1664

John Cabello

(815) 282-0083

Robert Pritchard

(815) 748-3494

Ryan Spain

(309) 690-7373

David Welter

(815) 416-1475

Jerry Lee Long

(815) 510-9689


Lindsay Parkhurst

(815) 523-7779


Anthony DeLuca

(708) 754-7900

David Olsen

(630) 737-0504

Jim Durkin

(630) 325-2028

Brian Stewart

(815) 232-0774

Michael Unes

(309) 620-8631

Norine Hammond

(309) 836-2707

Avery Bourne

(217) 324-5200

Sue Scherer

(217) 877-9636

Mark Batinick

(815) 254-0000

Sara Wojcicki Jimenez

(217) 782-0044

C.D. Davidsmeyer

(217) 243-6221

Reginald Phillips

(217) 348-1110


Terri Bryant

(618) 242-8115

Jerry Costello

(618) 282-7284

Call YOUR representative or email them or tag them in your social media post and urge them to vote Yes on SJRCA 4 to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.



Fingers and toes crossed for equality,

Kamala, Natalie, Joel, Jules, Lizzy, Sarabeth, Thila and EME team.

Equal Means Equal Team (Natalie White, Senator Pat Spearman, Kamala Lopez, Sarabeth Stroller, Jules Wood & Lizzy Jagger) at the ERA Hearings in Chicago May 7th 2018