June 21, 2018

What to Do When the Patriarchy Jumps the Shark? Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

By Kamala and the EME Team

When children are put in cages and babies taken to hidden “tender age” camps, putatively to protect the United States government’s vital national security interests, the critical need for ERA comes into sharp relief.

This dangerous environment is a direct result of women being shut out of meaningful participation in the way our country is being run.

Let us not be complicit in the disgraceful history being written for our nation today. Let us take control of this deteriorating situation quickly and decisively, using the tools and advantages we have.

Women!  We must finish this job together now.

In order to set the world right, we must have the social, cultural and political power to do it.  In order to save the children, the animals, the food supply, Mother Earth and human life itself we must ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States.  It is ground zero in the creation of a new paradigm shift.

Let us focus on the one more state we need, day and night until we achieve it.

Do not believe opponents.  Or even luke-warm proponents with legal doubts. We cannot get distracted.  We cannot get discouraged. We cannot get sidetracked.

THIS is our call to action. THIS is our goal.

One. More. State.  One. More. State.  

Use it as a mantra, as a breathing tool, as a prayer.

One more state to thirty-eight.

Until women have equal rights and protections under federal law, all vulnerable peoples are at risk of institutional sadism and violence.

 “Equal Means Equal” Holds Art Auction & Benefit in West Hollywood

Since our last newsletter, Equal Means Equal has been busy back in Los Angeles; here is a story about our last event:

Equal Means Equal’s event on Friday, June 15 raised awareness at a private home in West Hollywood, placing the spotlight on the need for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

“Legalize Equality” was screened to a private group of guests who also bid on artwork by top artists Shepard Fairey, Natalie White, Meghan Hall, Jill Greenberg, Lekit, and Ernesto Yerena Montejano to benefit the organization.

Guests who joined in support of Equal Means Equal included Eugenia Kuzmina, Judd Nelson, Magnus Fiennes, Sean Stone, Anthony Fedorov, Brent Harvey, Tara Subkoff, Karis Jagger, Misha Prada, Victor Kubicek, Lady Victoria Hervey, Millie Brown, Logan Shroyer and Sarah Beth Stroller, who hosted the event at her home, with Lizzy Jagger, Jules Wood and Kamala Lopez.


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