November 28, 2022

Giving Thanks, Giving Tuesday & Getting on TikTok

By Kamala Lopez

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for you and your steadfast support and faith in our work. We hope you and your loved ones have been together and enjoyed the holiday weekend.

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is excited to welcome our new Director of Communications, Alice Crenshaw.

Alice, AKA Lizzy Paul, has created our new TikTok channel, which is rocking! Check it out and share the videos either by following us and liking them/commenting on them or download them and upload them to your own social media channels. These short, fun and educational videos are doing a great job reaching an audience of young people for whom ERA is a new and urgently needed solution.

Follow us on TikTok at

EME's New TikTok Channel

Want to make your own Pro ERA content? Get some free digital bling for your reels on our giphy page:

If you prefer to share the videos through links, take a look at the EQUAL MEANS EQUAL YouTube Channel, where we will be uploading the new videos twice daily.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel and, if you like, you will be notified of any video premieres.

Soon you will also be able to find all the videos in one place on our website as we expand and update the site, in preparation for the home stretch. Now that the ERA is ratified, we want it published, adopted and enforced across the country.

As you know, EQUAL MEANS EQUAL (formerly the ERA Education Project) has been active on the ground since 2009, fighting for the ratification of the original Equal Rights Amendment, written by the late great Alice Paul.

At the time of our formation, the ERA was seen as long dead; relegated to the dust heap of history. A mere fourteen years later, the ERA is ratified and on the lips and minds of millions of Americans.

  • From our groundbreaking work creating educational media, including the Award-winning documentaries, Equal Means Equal and Legalize Equality

  • to our grassroots campaigns on the ground in the unratified states

  • to our direct educational initiatives targeting state legislatures, community groups and prominent cultural influencers across the country

  • to our national rallies, protests and art actions, including the months of Silent Sentinel Vigils at the White House and Department of Justice

  • EQUAL MEANS EQUAL has been long committed to the struggle for equality for all.


We hope you will think of us on Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving that will take place Tuesday, November 29th.

We are the only politically non-affiliated, action-oriented feminist organization in this space and we get results.

Every dollar you donate is used in direct action towards our singular goal: Constitutional Equality for all Americans, regardless of sex.

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is humbly asking for your support to meet our goal of raising ten thousand dollars. Will you help us?

Your support is essential and very much appreciated.

In sisterhood, with love and gratitude,

Kamala, Natalie, Nicole, Jeff, Joel, Tom, Alice and the EQUAL MEANS EQUAL Team

P.S. Now let’s open up a can of refreshing, organic Whoop Ass and get some equality up in here!