May 16, 2018

ERA Moves Out of Committee and On To The Floor for a Vote – Let’s Get Some Satisfaction, Illinois!

By Kamala, Natalie, Joel, Jules, Lizzy, Sarabeth, Thila and EME team.

What a great day! Bill SJRCA4 (ERA) passed out of Committee today in Illinois! The vote came down 7 “yes” 5 “no”along party lines. At the time of this writing, there were 6379 proponents and 666 opponents who had filed…

Now the ERA can be voted on in the full House of Delegates in Illinois.  We are in the final stretch, team!  Now is the time for us to get that second wind and push through to victory!

So we have our work cut out for us to make sure that the Illinois House of Delegates votes their conscience and gives women the dignity and respect they deserve by voting for equality under the law.

Keep up the witness slips, step up the phone banking!  We can do this!

Equal Means Equal is also thrilled to share that, thanks to EME’s outstanding Lizzy Jagger, the Illinois State House of Delegates received a letter yesterday from Mick Jagger urging a “yes” vote on ERA!  Lizzy has been working tirelessly to spread the word and urge others to join the campaign with great success.  Thank you, Lizzy!

Letter from Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones & photo of EME’s Lizzy Jagger and Sarabeth Stroller at the ERA Mother’s Day Rally in Springfield, Illinois.

Instagram Posts by Paris Hilton, who is followed by 8.8M people.

Now the main thing we all need to do is focus on phone banking – helping those in Illinois reach out to the constituents and urge them to call their state legislators.

“The next event in this effort is a hopeful vote on the floor, and we still do not have 71 confirmed votes. So, what we are trying to do is put some pressure on wavering Republicans. Phone banking and having their constituents call them is one of the only ways we can try to get through to them at the moment.” - Office of Rep. Lou Lang (Sponsor of the ERA in Illinois)
  • PHONE BANK FROM HOME in your free time, call or email Eden in Lou Lang’s office directly: Tel (217) 782-1252 ( and she will give you the virtual phone bank link.
  • CALL Governor Bruce Rauner’s Office TODAY:  217-782-0244 (Springfield) 312-814-2121 (Chicago) and voice your support for SJCRA4 and the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Hit Bruce up on Twitter with the same message: @GovRauner
  • And while you’re at it, let @ilgop know that equal rights is not a partisan issue, it’s a moral one.  Which side of herstory do they want to end up on?

​Next steps are coming soon… keep your eye out for our emails and if you miss any you can always go to the Equal Means Blog to catch up on all the news and share it, please!

Fingers and toes crossed for equality,

Kamala, Natalie, Joel, Jules, Lizzy, Sarabeth, Thila and EME team.



Equal Means Equal Team (Natalie White, Senator Pat Spearman, Kamala Lopez, Sarabeth Stroller, Jules Wood & Lizzy Jagger) at the ERA Hearings in Chicago May 7th 2018