December 11, 2019

EME’s plan of action for 2020!

By Kamala, Natalie, and the EME Team

Thank you. EQUAL MEANS EQUAL greatly appreciates your recent donations and humbly asks that you continue your kind support. 

We need to maintain our momentum from our success in Virginia helping flip the leadership to a pro-ERA majority in the General Assembly. We must be vigilant and maintain a presence in Richmond and support Va Ratify ERA. It’s important for EME to continue to be on the ground in Virginia.  We must be there in advance of the Virginia General Assembly convening on Jan. 8 and stay there until the vote occurs in both houses, and achieves final ratification. Your help is most welcome and appreciated.

Now for some news about EME pushing forward on global women’s rights – an important front in the fight for ERA.

Did you know that the U.S. Government’s chances of signing onto CEDAW (The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) are slim to nil until we ratify ERA?  This important international treaty has been signed by all but 7 countries globally – the United States being the most important outlier on the list.

From the documentary “Equal Means Equal” – countries who have ratified CEDAW in orange; USA remains an outlier in global women’s rights


Many experts believe that one of the main reasons the U.S. has not signed onto CEDAW is that it would “grandfather in” the ERA (as International treaties supersede domestic law).  Point being, if we care about the global pandemic of violence against women; the stonings, the acid attacks, the female genital mutilation, the honor killings, etc., then we MUST ratify ERA.  Only then will American women (and America) be able to truly help our sisters all over the world.

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is a proud partner of Women Forward International, a new organization formed by Dr. Kent Packard-Davis to effect systemic change in international affairs education and research/implement global human solutions. Dr. Packard- Davis is the former coordinator of the SAIS Women Lead program at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and an adjunct professor of Middle East studies and global theory and history. In 2018 we worked with Dr. Packard-Davis on a joint project with U.N. Women titled Tipping Points and the Law” where SAIS Women Lead students analyzed the relationship between civil society and legal reforms in India, Bangladesh, and the United States.

Dr. Packard-Davis’ new venture, launched with the Aspen Institute, works with the following educational institutions: Harvard University’s Kennedy School and Harvard Business School; Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute; the University of Calfornia at Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy; the Gender Studies Program (PRESAGE) at Sciences, Po, Paris, France; the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA); the National Defense University; and Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

On December 14th, Women Forward International will be hosting an important session at the Doha Forum in Qatar with guests from National Defense University.

Please consider joining the livestream here:

December 14-15, 2019 – Doha Forum

How ISIS Wins Women, How Women Win the War Against ISIS” 

For the 2019 Doha Forum, Women Forward International will curate an event that addresses an under-researched and yet vital topic to curtailing the spread of extremism globally and maintaining international security. We will feature the prize-winning essay on women and ISIS returnees in Indonesia from the National Defense University, along with senior international military leaders, development, and international law, and cultural studies experts.

Love and thanks,

Kamala, Natalie and the entire EME Team

P.S.  Save the Date!  January 8th make plans to join us in Richmond, Virginia to press for an immediate vote on ERA!

More info coming soon…!