March 11, 2020

EME Offers Clear Path to ERA & Overdue Protections for At-Risk Women

By Kamala, Natalie & the EME Team

International Women's Day was a great day for EQUAL MEANS EQUAL. Read the below article published in The Boston Globe to find out why!


Equal Means Equal’s Vice President Natalie White and Issa Salliander are pleased to introduce their first collaborative project Virginia Sins, which plays on the the name of a cigarette brand marketed at the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s by a male-run advertising industry. Virginia Sins explores commercial irrationality through multi-media visual art.

An opening reception will take place Wednesday, March 11th, 6-8pm. 25 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Entrance on Wythe between N12th and N13th Street)

"Virginia Slims ads gave women a false sense of victory. They made women believe they were equal, so why would they go out and fight for their own rights? Stop celebrating feel-good diversions and go out and fight." said Natalie White.

Equal Means Equal welcomes the support of all who join us in seeking to make ERA the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

Our court battle will be long, hard and complicated. We expect a protracted and costly fight in the federal courts, spread over several states. Our opposition is organized, well financed and committed to doing all in its power to block the ERA. We cannot win this fight without your help. Your kind support is the only way we can prevail. Please support this essential final fight for equality.

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With love and thanks

Kamala, Natalie and EME team



PS: Your generous tax-deductible contributions are an investment in our results-driven organization on the front lines of the fight for equality. Any amount is greatly appreciated, but for donations of $500 or more we’ll send you our exclusive (and very popular!) handmade Equal Means Equal hoodie as a special thank you.