On the eve of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America, EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is launching Woman’s Journal 2.0. The original Woman’s Journal began as a weekly newspaper in 1870, and was instrumental in mobilizing people across the country to support the 19th Amendment. We hope this new iteration will inspire people nationwide to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

Kamala Lopez and Natalie White, directors of EQUAL MEANS EQUAL, along with women’s rights attorney Wendy Murphy (@WMurphyLaw) will co-host and interview guests on a variety of topics related to women’s civil and constitutional rights, and the ERA.

Episode 3: Kati Hornung from Varatify Era & the Fight For Virginia

Join Wendy and Kamala for a critical conversation and an urgent Call to Action around the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia. Guest Kati Hornung from VARatifyERA.org details the political landscape in her state and the strategy for the next two months to win the Virginia state elections and replace anti-equality leadership. This work clears the way to a win in their state legislature in the next session. Please listen and share widely to win ERA in 2020.

Episode 2: Laura Callow and the History of the ERA 3-State Strategy

Laura Carter Callow is one of the most valued elders in the ERA movement. An indefatigable advocate for women’s rights, Laura shares the history of the “3-State Strategy” — a new strategy that came about in the early nineteen nineties:  how it came to pass; who is responsible for it; and how it will help us push through to equality for all Americans under the law today.

Here is the legal brief underpinning the ERA 3-State Strategy that Laura mentions in the podcast:

Episode 1: Introduction and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

In this episode, co-hosts Wendy Murphy and Kamala Lopez introduce themselves, the Woman’s Journal 2.0 project, and their respective histories of advocacy related to establishing gender/sex equality in the United States.

Following the introductions, Wendy and Kamala proceed to a deep dive explanation on the history of the Equal Rights Amendment (the ERA) and explain why passage today would be of the utmost importance for women in America.