January 9, 2019

Virginia Senate Privileges & Elections Committee Holds Hearings on the ERA TODAY!

By Kamala, Natalie, Jules, John, Dr. Brigitte and the EME Team

Last night EQUAL MEANS EQUAL hosted a hugely successful VIP reception for legislators at the Can Can Brasserie in Richmond, Virginia where we announced the formation of a new tool in the fight for ERA:

The Constitutional Equality Super PAC.

This new fund has been created with the purpose of completing the ratification, adoption, and implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States of America.

ERA Sponsors including Delegate Hala Ayala, Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy, Delegate Betsy Carr, Delegate Debra Rodman, Delegate Lee Carter, Senator Jennifer McClellan; and other ERA advocates including VAratifyERA, and Equality Now joined EME’s Natalie White, Kamala Lopez and new VP of Development, John Belluomini, to speak about the excitement, momentum and inevitability of the passage of the ERA in 2019.

Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman roused the crowd with her reminder that “it’s time to make history, herstory, Virginia!”  ERA Coalition’s Carol Jenkins & Bettina Hager were excited to see ERA closer than ever to crossing the finish line in Virginia.  Kati Hornung, who has been leading a team of indefatigable equality warriors for the past year, was beaming to see the fruits of her labor finally come to life because…. Drum roll please!

Today, the Virginia Senate Privileges and Elections committee will hold hearings on the Equal Rights Amendment!

Senator Vogel will chair the meeting. Virginia and the ERA will be represented tomorrow by the following speakers: Yvonne Lewis, Jacob French, Liza Mickens, Stosh Kowalski, Trish Wallace. The opposition will also be given ten minutes as well to say why they oppose equality for all Americans (and women in particular). Quite curious to hear that.

January 9th is going to be a wonderful day at the Virginia General Assembly and a big day on the way to Virginia’s historic 38th state ratification!

Please stay alert this month and consider taking a trip to Virginia to make your thoughts and feelings about the ERA known to the “gentlemen” in the House of Delegates who have, to date, categorically refused to take up the ERA… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Today it’s all about the Virginia Senate.

Fingers and toes crossed! 

Sending you all thanks and love,

Kamala, Natalie, Jules, John, Dr. Brigitte and the EME Team