June 23, 2021

Urgent Townhall to Discuss Further ERA Action After July 4th

By Kamala, Natalie, Wendy, Thila, Rebecca and the EME team

Equal Means Equal wants to thank you for participating in our EME ERA Sentinel Project.

Despite our hard work, the present administration has NOT done the right thing for women.

The ERA Sentinel project began on Thursday June 10th and runs until July 4th (17 days)! Every day women from various ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds are spending their time standing outside the DOJ, creating visibility and momentum while educating fellow Americans about the need to publish the ERA and enshrine equality for all in our Constitution.

We are already on our third week in public protest and have yet to hear a peep from the DOJ or Biden’s administration.

One of our frustrated members, Dr. J. Shuyler Buitron, DCS, said this:

“Why not find out how to IMPEACH David S. Ferriero for dereliction of duty? Find out how to get him legally removed as Archivist of the US!! It’s time to try a new strategy, a new angle.”

WBAI New York’s Joy of Resistance is airing a show tonight 9pm EST / 6pm PST that will feature the ERA Sentinel Project; here from Fran Luck, Executive Producer:

“Tonight’s program is speaking to “feminist frustration” as we watch the filibuster stand in the way of so many bills that might benefit women; so on the show I want to stress that we can take action even when the courts and laws seem stacked against us. (I think of Susan B. Anthony going out and simply voting in 1872, when voting rights were being rejected federally and by the states.) The Sentinel Project is a great example of “acting in the face of…”  

We need to continue to take action now, before it is too late. We want the Barr Memo blocking the ERA rescinded and the amendment published IMMEDIATELY.

Please join us on Saturday June 26th at 2pm pst/5pm est to discuss what further actions we should take after July 4th and whether we should continue the ERA Sentinel Project or initiate another action.

As in the last townhall, this upcoming ERA Townhall will be completely interactive, with participants invited to make suggestions and share their ideas.

Please RSVP here for the Townhall and share widely: https://bit.ly/2SSUGDZ

And until at least July 4th we invite all stakeholders who support the Equal Rights Amendment to take a stand with us.

Bring your signs, fly your colors and come join the party!

Thank you very much for signing up to take a shift here: https://bit.ly/2SaTXho

Sign Up Here Button -- Propertyshelf Assets

Or donating to hire a Sentinel in DC to take a shift for you here: https://bit.ly/3ptyADY

Equal Means Equal is hosting this upcoming ERA Townhall in the service of our common goal: equality for all – please join us and make your ideas known!

Love and thanks

Kamala, Natalie, Wendy, Thila, Rebecca and the EME Team