April 24, 2019

PRIORITY- ERA Hearings in Louisiana This Wednesday Morning at 10am; CALL NOW

By EME Team

The Louisiana Senate will be hearing and voting on the ERA at 10am!!  Please call the legislators below to voice your support, in particular Sen. Gregory Tarver at (318-227-1499) who is a crucial swing vote!

Details: The Equal Rights Amendment (SCR 2 sponsored by Sen. J. P. Morrell) has been scheduled to be heard in the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge on Wednesday April 24th at 10:00 a. m

How you can help:

  • Give legislators a call right away and let them know how you feel about the ERA; we encourage you to be positive and polite, please. If you don’t have time to contact all of them, please focus on Senators (Donahue, Fannin, Tarver, Riser, and Walsworth). You don’t have to call just during office hours; you can leave your messages of support for SCR 2 on their voicemail.
  • Below is the members’ contact info:

Senator Karen Carter Peterson (Chairman) – (504) 568-8346 – petersonk@legis.la.gov 

Senator Wesley Bishop (Vice-Chairman) – (504) 242-4198 – bishopw@legis.la.gov 

Senator Troy Carter – (504) 302-3682 – cartert@legis.la.gov

Senator Jack Donahue – (985) 727-7949 – donahuej@legis.la.gov 

Senator James R. “Jim” Fannin – (318) 259-6620 – (800) 259-8694 – fanninj@legis.la.gov 

Senator Jean-Paul J. Morrell (our sponsor) – (504) 284-4794 – morrelljp@legis.la.gov 

Senator Neil Riser – (318) 649-0977 – (866) 513-8699 – risern@legis.la.gov 

Senator Gregory Tarver – (318) 227-1499 – tarverg@legis.la.gov

Senator Mike Walsworth – (318) 340-6453 – (866) 518-8573 – walsworthm@legis.la.gov 

  • If you are in the Louisiana Capitol, try to attend the hearing and wear WHITE
  • ​Please forward this urgent hearing notification/action alert to your networks.

Thank you for all of your hard work and support – let’s make Louisiana the 38th and FINAL state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.