July 5, 2021

On Independence Day 2021 – ERA Sentinels Persist Demanding Justice & Equality for All Americans

By Kamala and EME team

What is Independence?

EME VP Natalie White in front of her piece “Lady Liberty” 2016 :13ft x 25ft 76 separate giant polaroids

We are extending the ERA Sentinel project another week given the growing momentum and support from other groups like our friends at Resisterhood and the generosity of attorney Arlaine Rockey. We were thrilled to have so many of you participate and to see all the young people out there, taking on the fight to see the Equal Rights Amendment in the Constitution.

Thank you very much for signing up to Sponsor a Sentinel here:

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Or sign up to take a shift here from Tuesday July 6th – Friday July 9th : https://bit.ly/2SaTXho 

Sign up to be an ERA Sentinel Here

To end the newsletter on a high note, please enjoy some time with Thila and Kumar’s baby and his friends.

With love to you on this July 4th,

Kamala and EME team