November 7, 2020

A New Dawn, A New Day – Please Publish ERA!

By Kamala, Natalie, Thila and EME team

This morning we all woke up to a new dawn.  Let’s take a deep breath, a hot bath and then….

Let’s all come together to ask the new administration to order the Archivist to publish the ERA immediately.

American women, in particular women of color, have delivered their support as never before.  We sure would appreciate the gesture of gratitude that a letter invalidating Bill Barr’s illegal order would represent.

To the new Biden/Harris Administration:  please write a letter to Mr. David Ferriero saying “Disregard Mr. Barr’s previous letter and publish the amendment as required by Article V of the Constitution.”  Mr. Ferriero has said that he has no problem doing so, he just didn’t want to lose his job.  So, let him know that his job is safe, and let women exhale after a hundred-year fight.

On January 27th of 2020 American women achieved full equality under law with the ratification of ERA.

On January 27th of 2021 it will be published, and the ERA will become the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Thank you all for your stalwart support and focus – we are so close!

Love and gratitude,

Kamala, Natalie, Thila, and the EME Team 

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