May 12, 2018


By Kamala, Natalie, Joel, Jules, Lizzy, Sarabeth, Thila and EME team.

This is it. The moment we have been waiting for. The Illinois House is poised to vote on ERA next week!

We got back Wednesday night from our third whirlwind trip to Chicago/Springfield and accomplished so much!  [MORE ON THAT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS EMAIL]


SJRCA4  (for Illinois to ratify the ERA) is now officially assigned to Human Services Committee and the hearing is been posted for May 16, 2018.  The House needs at least 71 votes to ratify, which means both Democrats and Republicans need to support it.

The fight in Illinois is very very close.  According to our sources in the know, it is literally down to ONE VOTE…

FILL OUT A WITNESS SLIP FOR THE NEXT HEARING MAY 16TH and make your statement about equality for posterity; let’s get thousands of witnesses to fill out these forms saying why ERA urgently needs ratification:


On Monday May 7th, the Rules Committee of the Illinois House of Delegates held a hearing on the Equal Rights Amendment. Equal Means Equal team was present in the hearing to represent the millions of women who cannot wait for equal rights any longer.

Rep. Lou Lang, ERA Sponsor and Hero of Skokie, Illinois, pushed back on those who used abortion as a smoke screen for bigotry, saying the amendment is “about giving everyone equal rights.” EME Exec Dir. Kamala Lopez also testified; watch Nevada State Senator and ERA Heroine Patricia Spearman’s partial testimony here and support her Congressional campaign to make sure ERA gets into the Constitution once we have 38 states (more video to come soon!):

After four hours of “passionate” testimony…

Illinois House committee passionately debates Equal Rights Amendment

ERA Battle Moves to House, Supporters on Brink of Victory

…the EME team (Kamala, Natalie, Senator Patricia Spearman, Lizzy Jagger, Jules Wood, Sarabeth Stroller, Mynxii, Patricia Bahia & Ali Handal) headed to Springfield where we held a reception for delegates at the lovely Sangamo Club.

Special thanks to Ron Goldberg and Lamborghini Champagne for their sponsorship.

Then the next morning, on May 8th, Equal Means Equal joined the grassroots groups in Illinois to hold the ERA Mother’s day rally outside the State Capitol in Springfield at the Lincoln Statue. We made the front page of the paper with an awesome quote from EME Artistic Director Natalie White:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I was born in the state of West Virginia, which ratified the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972. You can’t tell me that in the year 2018 that Illinois is more backward about women’s rights than West Virginia was in 1972.”

Notable figures in attendance included Democratic candidate for Governor J.B. Pritzker, Senator Pat. Spearman, Rep. Lou Lang.  Men and women from all over Illinois participated in the rally and made a push in the Capitol for the ratification of ERA.

Here is Annie Williams great compilation of the May 7/8 events courtesy of Ratify ERA Illinois!

We can do this!  YES WE CAN! Please make those calls TODAY!