May 3, 2019

Historic Congressional hearings on the Equal Rights Amendment & Watch the new Salon Interview

By Kamala, Natalie and the entire EME Team

On Tuesday April 30th, 2019, after 37 years of neglect, the U.S. Congress held historic hearings on the Equal Rights Amendment.

In a new interview with Salon’s Amanda Marcotte,  EQUAL MEANS EQUAL‘s Executive Director Kamala Lopez and legal expert Wendy Murphy talk about this week’s Congressional hearings on ERA; discuss the present status of the Equal Rights Amendment and how the legislative fights in the unratified states are only part of the picture.

Lopez and Murphy expressed concern about a series of cases that the Supreme Court has suddenly decided to hear that will address the issue of sex discrimination. How will the outcome of these cases affect the ERA, presently only one state away from full ratification?

EME’s Co-Director Natalie White was in Washington D.C. at the hearings to cheer on our friends Senator Pat Spearman and Patricia Arquette, who gave amazing testimony to the Subcommittee. The eloquence, intelligence, logic and passion on the side of equality activists was indisputable.

Here are a couple of our favorite excerpts from the hearings:

We urge you to watch the full hearing here:

Thank you to all the phenomenal witnesses and ERA supporters to showed up to be seen and heard!

The time is upon us.  We will not be delayed, distracted, divided or denied.

We WILL have equal rights under law in the United States.

Equal Means Equal.


With thanks and love,

Kamala, Natalie and the entire EME Team