December 11, 2018

Growing Strength, Unity & Momentum for Final ERA Ratification in 2019

By EME Team

At a sold-out event at the Women’s National Democratic Club in Washington DC on December 3rd, EQUAL MEANS EQUAL's legal counsel Wendy Murphy, JD gave an amazing presentation on the Equal Rights Amendment alongside Ellie Smeal from the Feminist Majority, Eileen Davis from Women Matter, and Andrea Miller from People Demanding Action.

Check out the entire thing here:

Murphy explains EME’s legal strategy after the 38th state ratifies the ERA in 2019, and discusses why it is our opinion that it is critical that ERA advocates go to the courts to enforce the ERA and argue that the deadline is invalid, rather than going to Congress and asking them to remove the deadline.

Ellie Smeal, President and Co-founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation noted that anti-equality activists were already making plans to take the issue to the courts upon ratification of the 38th state and emphasized the urgency of legal preparation and cooperation.

She said: “One more state remains. Don’t think of a deadline -there is none. Remember the Madison amendment [ratified in] 1992 — it was introduced by James Madison in the 1700s!

Don’t worry about rescission; we’ve already beat that thing in court. We only need to worry about passing this thing and we will have the best constitutional lawyers on our side.

I dare them to vote this down in the Supreme Court. The women’s movement will not tolerate it. I tell you these are good days.”

Ninety-five years after it was first introduced in Congress, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) guaranteeing women Constitutional equality is about to become a reality!

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is hosting a conference call for attorneys to discuss the issues around ERA post ratification of the 38th state.  If you are interested in participating in the conversation, send an email to:

Subject Line: Litigation Brain Trust

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And we will send you an invite to join the call on Friday December 14th at 1pm PST, 4pm EST.

In this next 2019 session, we will get it done.

With love and thanks

The entire EME team