November 30, 2017

Giving Tuesday and Fueling the Fight for Equality

By Kamala Lopez and Natalie White

It's "Giving Tuesday" and we'd like to thank you for everything you do to stand up for women's rights. Equal Means Equal is in our second week of vigiling outside of the White House in Washington, DC in the new Silent Sentinel Challenge and we have had an amazing impact spreading the word about the Equal Rights Amendment. Every day Congressmembers, Senators, their staff, and tourists from all of over US as well as the world stop by to visit the White House and are greeted by our message of equality for all Americans.

We have at least 30 meaningful conversations a day, mostly with people who had no idea that the Equal Rights Amendment is not in the Constitution and who leave wanting to do something about it. Just the other day a group of middle school children from Virginia were so taken aback by the fact that women are not equally protected under the law that they all promised to write letters to their state legislators asking for them to vote “yes” on the ERA in the upcoming session. [Something we’d like ALL VIRGINIA RESIDENTS to do as well!]

I’m oftentimes met by older women who fought for the ERA in the 60’s and 70’s — one who was brought to tears after being told Nevada ratified in March. Women and men are pouring their hearts out with gratitude and world leaders stop by and are educated sometimes for the very first time on the lack of equal rights for women in our Constitution.


We really need your help to sign up and take a shift to keep this vigil going. Trust me, you will get back from it as much, if not more, than you put into it.

All our love,

Natalie & Kamala