September 4, 2019

Furious Passion, Unstoppable Spirit – Get Inspired to Help Win ERA in Virginia

By Kamala, Natalie & the EME Team

We are excited to share with you the fifth episode of Woman’s Journal 2.0:  Episode 5: Zoe Nicholson: On the Beauty of A Hungry Heart

Woman’s Journal 2.0 interviews renowned ERA Activist, Author & Organizer Zoe Nicholson whose hunger strike for the ERA in 1982 became the basis for her book The Hungry Heart: A Woman’s Fast for Justice. 

Hear Zoe’s intimate and breathtaking anecdotes about Alice Paul, her furious passion for justice and her unstoppable spirit.  As one of the only women that was still maintaining the flame of hope for ERA when I stumbled upon the issue in 2009, Zoe was my first mentor and teacher on my journey with the Equal Rights Amendment.  She continues to inspire everyone who meets or hears her.

Additionally, Wendy Murphy’s clear and clearly rational explanation for the EME’s legal strategy regarding the ERA deadline is detailed herein, as she explains to Zoe why all eyes, all money, all hands must be focused on Virginia now, in order to achieve the 38th state and move into the next phase of our fight for equality, should there be one. – Kamala Lopez


Don’t wait to sign up to help in Virginia with our iScream4Equality Campaign.

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Kamala, Natalie & the EME Team