July 24, 2019

ERA Briefing in the United States Senate on Thursday July 25th 2019

By The EME Team

This Thursday Senator Cardin and Senator Murkowski will be giving a briefing on Capitol Hill on their bill (SJRes 6) to remove the deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment:

Carol Jenkins of the ERA Coalition will moderate a post briefing panel with Linda Coberly of law firm Winston & Strawn and Virginia Delegate Jennifer Carol Foy to discuss the urgency of ERA ratification as both a legal tool and a statement of principle.

The ERA has been ratified by 37 states, leaving it one state from ratification. SJ Res 6 would remove the deadline placed on the 1972 ERA allowing for its ratification once the 38th state votes to ratify, which could be Virginia as early as January 2020.

Watch the briefing from 9:30am to 10:30am EST from Senator Cardin’s Facebook livestream:

If you can’t watch it live, we will be sharing a link of the briefing afterwards.  And keep your eye out for our second episode of Woman’s Journal 2.0 which features an important conversation with Laura Callow about the history of the ERA 3-State Strategy.

With love and thanks 

The EME Team