September 11, 2018

Our Equality Pledge is up and running!

By Kamala and the EME Team

Our Equality Pledge is up and running! Let's shine a warm, fuzzy light on the marvellous candidates who signed the Equal Means Equal Equality Pledge this week and committed to vote “yes” on ERA and equality for all Americans!

"I had a successful first day reaching out to candidates. They were very friendly and some were excited about the ERA. I was nervous to make the calls, as I haven’t done anything like this in a long time, but once I dove in, it was easy. Candidates were pretty laid back as well and happy to find out more information. Linda Gross in LD 8, Bob Karp in LD 14 and Joe Bisaccia in LD 12 are all a YES to get the Equal Rights Amendment Ratified in Arizona! Linda Gross even shared with me that in 1974 her mother went back to school to get a degree in women in the workplace! She has been a long time support of the ERA. Bob said he gets so many emails he was grateful to get a call to be sure were legit and he could ask some questions. Once he knew we were for real, he was on board. Making the calls is really important. Candidates get inundated with emails, literally hundreds they reported, so calling to follow up is crucial. Good Luck everyone! Let’s get the ERA Ratified! Let’s make it ARIZONA!!!", Jami Parrish, President, Tucson NOW

If you live in an unratified state, please urge your candidates to sign onto the Equality Pledge right away and keep us posted! Or better yet, join the team and make some follow up calls!  Sign up now!

On another important note, Lizzy, Sarabeth, Joel, Mom and I just returned from the Annual Summit hosted by the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) where Equal Means Equal’s impact litigator and legal counsel, Wendy Murphy, was winning an award for her vanguard work in the area of violence against women and children.

Violence against women is one of the most important areas where the Equal Rights Amendment will help; and with more than four American women dying every day at the hands of their intimate partner or spouse, and one in four girls on campus being sexually assaulted, this strong non-partisan argument for the ERA must be emphasized with our potential candidates and legislators.

The time is NOW to finish the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and provide women with the rights that have been denied to them since 1787, when the U.S. Constitution deliberately and explicitly LEFT WOMEN OUT.

We cannot afford to wait any longer.  The November elections loom and every woman in this country needs to know EXACTLY where their candidate stands on full legal equality for all Americans.  We must ensure that the Equality Pledge is officially signed or rejected by each candidate in every unratified state.  Call your candidates today and ask if they support the ERA and if they will vote for it in January.  Make sure they sign the pledge today.

So much hangs in the balance for American women right now – achieving the final state could not be more urgent. The Equal Rights Amendment will be the first bedrock step in finally putting an end to the oppression of legalized gender discrimination in the United States of America.

Please join us NOW! Sign up to help follow-up on the Equality Pledge in all thirteen unratified states here:

With love and thanks,

Kamala and the EME Team