May 11, 2019

Equal Means Equal’s Benefit Auction 2019 is Live Now on Artsy!

By Kamala, Natalie, and the EME Team

We are saddened to have to report that on May 8th the Louisiana State Senate voted 26-9 against ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Sometimes repeatedly facing fear and hostility instead of inclusion and equality can get you down. That’s where art comes in!  Whether film, theater, painting, dancing, music, writing, singing… art elevates the soul and helps keep us going.

As many of you know, EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is an artist-based organization that believes strongly in the power of art to communicate; changing hearts, minds and lives. Many of EME’s core team are artists and activists who are using their networks, skills and resources to promote the passage of ERA.

​EME’s Co-Director Natalie White has curated a spectacular group of artists and works and is delighted to announce our partnership with the premiere international art site: ArtSy. These artists are all donating their art for free so that we can continue our work to complete ERA passage and final ratification.

Here are works from Tracey EminHank Willis Thomas and Natalie White:

Artwork by Tracey Emin

Artwork by Hank Willis Thomas

Artwork by Natalie White

Artists in the EME online auction include Michael Dweck, Spencer Tunick, Stanley Casselman, Tracey Emin, Erik Foss, Jill Greenberg, Meghan Hall, Anne Spalter, Mick Rock, Patssi Valdez, Alexander Yulish, Hallie Hart, Hank Willis Thomas, Alexandra Richards, Lizzy Jagger & Sarabeth Stroller as well as EME’s own Natalie White.

Check out all the amazing artwork and bid now:

The online auction will culminate in a real-life event and afterparty at the Times Square Edition Hotel in New York City. Co-hosts of the party include Jerry Hall, Lizzy Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, Theodora Richards, Amy Sacco, Mashonda Tifrere, Erin Wasson, Natalie White and Jules Wood.

Bidding closes at the party: Tuesday May 21st at 9:30pm EST.

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is also delighted to announce that for a second year in a row we have partnered with top Manhattan art school, School of Visual Arts in a class called:

We look forward to sharing the student work with you soon!

Thanks for your stalwart support and conviction. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. 

Kamala, Natalie and the EME Team