July 1, 2019

Equal Means Equal is launching a new podcast.

By The EME Team

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America, EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is launching Woman’s Journal 2.0, to honor our foremothers and mobilize a new generation of support for the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Woman’s Journal 2.0 podcast is an homage to our sisters who began fighting for suffrage more than 100 years ago. The original weekly newspaper, Woman’s Journal, was first published in 1870, and was instrumental in mobilizing people across the country to support the 19th Amendment. We hope our new iteration, Woman’s Journal 2.0, will mobilize people across the country to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

The new podcast will cover a wide range of women’s rights issues, with an emphasis on how those issues would likely be affected by ratification of the ERA.

Co-hosted by Equal Means Equal’s directors Kamala Lopez & Natalie White and women’s rights attorney Wendy Murphy, Woman’s Journal 2.0 will feature guests and provocative conversation on topics such as:

  • What issues do ERA advocates agree and disagree about?
  • How will ratification of the ERA affect violence against women?
  • Will the 1982 ERA deadline affect ratification?
  • Do the courts or the Congress decide whether ratification is valid?

Join us for this exciting new podcast. Here is Episode 1

Let us know what you think! Please tell us if there’s a topic you would like us to cover or a guest we should have on!

Send us an email at info@equalmeansequal.org with the subject line “Woman’s Journal 2.0”

With love and thanks 

The EME Team


From left: Dr. Brigitte Alexander (SART Bronx Hospital), Kamala Lopez, Attorney Wendy Murphy, Alison M. Shea (New England Law Boston), Natalie White