February 17, 2019


By Natalie, Kamala and the EME Team

We need your help today. Can you do us a favor?

Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox is singlehandedly blocking the will of 161 million women and 81% of Virginians!

Can you take a very fast spontaneous selfie holding a piece of paper with this message on it?

Email us your photo with your social media hashtags and Equal Means Equal will share it with the hashtag #NoTime4CoxBlock

We went to Virginia and had a “DIE-IN” in front of the House Speaker Cox’s office and he was too afraid to come out until the police had escorted us all out.

We know Cox is feeling the heat so LET’S TURN IT UP, EQUALITY WARRIORS!

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL’S Natalie White, Rachel Donlan, Dr. Brigitte Alexander, Nisi at EME’s Valentine’s Day Die-In to symbolize the women dying every day without the protection of the ERA

Check out the coverage in the Washington Post: ERA proponents taken away after ‘die in’ at Capitol 




Please take a moment to do the selfie now and upload it with the above hashtags.

We have THREE DAYS to make it happen in Virginia.  There is still hope for the ERA if we focus all our attention on it – they are getting really nervous.

The Dems have proposed a rule change that would force ERA to the floor without having to go through the committee at all.
If it passes, there would be an IMMEDIATE VOTE ON ERA ON THE HOUSE FLOOR.

The Rules Change has to be read for five days without taking a vote; which means, if this is going to happen it will happen on Wednesday.

We have the votes to win ERA.  We just need to get it to the House floor. NOW.

Let’s make it happen.  Make your voice heard.

Love and Thanks,

Natalie, Kamala and the EME Team