October 27, 2020

EME Jumps On the Notorious RVG in a Southern Equality GOTV Tour

By Kamala, Natalie, Thila and EME team

As Election Day approaches, Equal Means Equal continues to work with our partners across the nation to help get out the vote. From ERA Minnesota to Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, we are committed to educating the public on the importance of women’s civic engagement RIGHT NOW.

One of our partners, previously VARatify ERA, has recently reimagined itself as Vote Equality U.S. and is adjusting the concept of our previous iScream4Equality Van Tour last fall to accommodate the new realities of having a national election during a pandemic.

The new Equality Tour runs three thousand miles through the American South (North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) from September 30th to November 2nd, building awareness around the ERA, educating the public on where their candidates stand on the issue and honoring the late great Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

Check out the “Notorious RVG” (Ruthless Vote Getter)!

Equal Means Equal is joining other lead organizations of ERA-NC Alliance in support of the Equality Tour. The League of Women Voters will host virtual screenings of Equal Means Equal to educate voters about the importance of ERA and their vote.

The Notorious RVG will park in open, outdoor forums where nonpartisan community volunteers will answer voting questions and talk about the final steps required to include gender equality in the U.S. Constitution. The goal of this project is to inform, inspire and motivate people to vote for equality candidates in the upcoming election.

If you missed any of our recent virtual events you can check them out here:

ERA Minnesota : FaceTheMusic4ERA

American Constituion Society : Current Efforts to Amend the Constitution: A Constitution Day Discussion

SVREP – Southwest Voter Registration Education Project : Constitution Day: A Conversation with Kamala Lopez

The goal of this project is to inform, inspire and motivate people to vote for equality candidates in the upcoming election.

If you can, join EME President Kamala Lopez after the Willmington film screening at 9 pm EST.

Meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84282921236?pwd=aXYwR2RrcDJOSWkyRUNLVGdaV0hOQT0

This holiday season, please consider gifting your friends, colleagues and loved ones with Equal Means Equal merchandise to help us raise the funds to finish this fight.

Thanks and love,

Kamala, Natalie, Thila, and the EME Team 

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