November 22, 2017

Day 9 Wednesday November 22nd – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

The ‘Washington Klansmen’ looms large as I make my way down 16th St. NW toward the White House.

Sometimes I imagine the Washington Monument to be Joan of Arc’s Sword jutting from the Earth as though a giant Saint sleeps in the Earth, awakens and wishes to be buried no longer -- stabbing the sky for freedom...
We will settle for equal pay.

It’s a cloudless day with a carefree autumn breeze. It’s the kind of welcomed cooling wind that highlights the golden light of the leaves when it blows.

Kids are playing with a parachute in the park.

A ranting quasi homeless/holy man approaches. He is ranting

“It takes a real set in their way lying mother F—er. Walking round here .. showing your a** .. ain’t nobody talking about constitution, ain’t nobody talking about human rights, you don’t know nothing about equal rights .. Like you don’t know Constitution Ave is the next Street over… gotta explain sexual harassment to children… It takes a real set in their way lying mother f—er .. Excuse my language.. Big Butt B-tch!”

He spits. I’m wondering if he is the jerk who spit on me yesterday I didn’t write about. It was busy. I was futzing with my sign. The spit caught my cheekbone. I didn’t write about spit because spit doesn’t sell #Silentsentinelchallenge time slots.


The White House Walkers swoop in on their bikes and make the quasi homeless holy man move on. He wore red coral prayer beads. He had blankets the colors of OYA – the Goddess of sudden change and transformation from traditions in Yoruba, West Africa.

Spit is tips spelled backwards. A lot of women work for tips. Waitresses, hotel maids, tour guides, bartenders all work for tips. Hair stylists. Masseuses. I am holding this vigil because they are busy holding down jobs, families, school.. but we are all present in spirit. The Equal Rights Amendment effects all of us.

Khalisi Kamala has had a portable sound system delivered to my home for an open mike during the vigil.

I am thinking if I am to continue this foolish Game of Thrones analogy proclaiming myself Jane Snow, Queen of the Northwest, Watcher of the White House Wall, Keeper of the Silent Sentinel Challenge where is my family totem? The Starks had wolves. Where is my the wolf?

My eye catches glimpse of the mannequin Tupelo Miller donated to our vigil. On its neck the word ‘wolf’ is written. There is my answer. Another day watching the White House Wall. Just me.. and my ‘wolf’..

Winter is coming. The coming of winter is foreshadowed with the sun’s setting and the ceaseless wind’s whipping will.

The Orange Wildling Commander-in-Chief paces back and fourth waiting to wage his next tweet storm. 

Day Nine of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-22-17