November 20, 2017

Day 7 Monday November 20th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

The watch continues. So does the wall. And the sharpshooters on the White House Roof. And the barricades. And whatever is behind the military looking “DJ booths.”

 The White House Walkers with their bomb-sniffing dogs are heavily engaged in the process of trying to look scary but holidays, children with grandparents, and the company of other dog lovers is wearing their professional "mean" faces thin.  

Smiles appear in the cracks of solemn security checks. A jazz artist has moved into the park musing Christmas carols with a saxophone… The giant nutcrackers guard the door at the Old Ebbit Grill. Vegan voices appeal to us to leave the heartless murder of animals for their meat behind… But how can we do that when we can’t leave the murder of mankind for economic gains behind us like a childhood toy?

We need more women in charge.
Women are a life giving and life protecting force in this world.

The sun feels glorious on my cheeks. A lot of photo requests today. Young girls want to hold my sign. I gotta tell you…. dressing up as a suffragette is about as magical as dressing up as Mary Poppins. And don’t forget the musical Mary Poppins had a suffragette in it….

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.

Immer and with more sugar than a chalk drawn picture,

Jane Snow

Day Seven of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-19-17