November 18, 2017

Day 6 Saturday November 18th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

Six is the number of success in a tradition that spread globally to the states from West Africa - let today be successful. 

The wind is paying a visit to the White House today. I have no doubt it’s lobbying for clean air. It’s rallying everyone with a sign or a banner to its cause. 
I enjoy the Arab men who read our sign and immediately respond with an emphatic “Yes! This must change now!! Let me be part! Take picture with us now please!” I love that. There are the men who read the sign and sneer but, they are greatly outnumbered. That is reassuring in these pussy-grabbing times.
Again. The park closes early. The night is dark and full of terrors but none so terrifying as the “Night of Terror."

I close my eyes and think of Lucy Burns and the women who suffered unspeakable indignities that night. Suddenly a little muscle pain from standing in one place for five hours because someone missed their shift does not seem a high price to pay for equal rights at all.

Immer , onwards, and towards service,
Jane Snow


Day Six of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-18-17