November 17, 2017

Day 5 Friday November 17th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

We continue the vigil. We keep watch. In activism, often times it is small victories one must celebrate.

Social change doesn’t always rain down suddenly after a lightning bolt and single clap of thunder. Sometimes there is a long enternity of rolling thunder before lightening is ever seen on the horizon of change.
Sometimes change trickles in like a small leak in your cheaply patched cabrio convertible. You have got to take your time to be grateful. Deep gratitude for the drop of water welcomes the rain for a field of flower power (that’s the most hippy dippy thing I ever wrote- flower power – oy).
A smile or nod in agreement should be inhaled very Hamlet-like – ‘promise crammed’.  A modest grant should be celebrated like the profit from a Spielberg-deal (look that up kids). I made it through the morning rush hour. All signs, banners, hats, coats accounted for … all of these little victories are sweet, but not as Sweet as the taste of every urban shaman’s dream – free parking.
Equal Means Equal operates with a spaghetti budget that produces fantastic results that even the great frugal Italian film maker Fellini would find impressive.
Today my major minute victory is parking. I have achieved free parking for the day saving myself sixteen dollars I can donate to our organization either by way of cash, check, or two chai vanilla lattes and an English Breakfast tea with milk.
There is a half black of free parking in the heart of the lobbying district due to a broken or jammed parking meter. God bless and keep that broken meter. Parking is just one of the expenses Natalie, Kamala, and I are raising funds to afford.
There is the pine sticks for our banners. The banners and sashes themselves were an investment of a couple thousand dollars… even modesty comes with a production cost. Sure – Give Fellini fifty bucks, a pound of Parmesan cheese , a fan, and a grater – He would give you back a snow storm. Give Equal Means Equal fifty bucks. Kamala and Natalie will turn it into five hundred bucks. They’ll double that with some Mae West math and give you an award winning documentary that explains why we need to ratify the ERA now. No more dicking around… literally.
It’s cold. The first taste of cold wet rain settles in like a mist. Still the White House Wall attracts people from all around the globe. A young girl is there with her mother sporting a sweatshirt that says “F*ck Trump.”
The Christmas spirit is palpable even though the a Turkey still waits to be pardoned by Trump. Of course with pressures mounting the only turkey Trump may pardon is himself.
The park closed early again due to security issues. That the White House bears the burden of being a target in this age of global terrorism brings home the reality that I am putting myself and my life potentially in harms way just as the suffragettes before me did. Remaining calm in dangerous times is a rebellious act. Free parking makes it easier. Your generous donation to equal Means Equal makes it even easier. When women have equal pay protected under the law while they serve the secret service – that will make it easier still…. No dealing with security threats should be paid less than other people dealing with security threats. Free parking for everyone.
Seriously though… Equal Means Equal needs your support. Organize a fund raiser or movie screening in your area.

Day Five of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-17-17