November 15, 2017

Day 3 Wednesday November 15th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

For as long as I can remember the park in front of the White House has been called Peace Park. I fled there with pots and pans to express my disdain for the first outbreak of war during my lifetime - the Gulf War. It was at least the first outbreak of war during my life as a young adult who fancied investing a direct hand in change.

At that time I just wanted peace.  Now I just want equal pay. I’m hungry for equal pay. I want a seat at the equal rights table.

I came with pots and pans and clanged and clammered all night with the hippie hope of rendering the President sleepless while bombs dropped. Peace. I wanted peace like the yippies when they tried to levitate the pentagon. I wanted peace like the gurus who impacted the Beatles musical direction. I wanted peace like a wary soldier wants peace on their third tour of Iraq. I was thirsty for peace.

Now I just want equal pay. I’m hungry for equal pay. I want a seat at the equal rights table. If it’s a “fight for the right” that both Beastie Boys and Motley Men want to see; I am ready to party hardier than a lobbyist in lipstick passing out free joints on the only city property on Capitol Hill.*

I want everybody to have fun while we’re doing it too. Fight for your right to party. First party. Second party. Third party. I believe that in as many parties as possible in politics and we are throwing one every day in front of the White House.

The walkway in front of the White House where we keep the Watch for Women’s Equality under the Law is a lot like the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Instead of circus acts and paintings for sale you have activists and ideas on display. 

Prop One – nuclear disarmament has held a firm grip on the White House Boardwalk for decades. Occasionally an Asian church sets up a little concert and warm beverages singing really nice lyrics and waving ceremonial flags majestically including the US Flag.

There is a cat who comes each day in a Cosby Sweater and skirt w/ a small cardboard sign that says No Sex. He/she/HeShe gives an incredible acrobatic monologue into the air until a hook falls into the mouth of an unsuspecting stranger and they find themselves wrangled into listening to #nosex’s manifesto- a message still wrapped in mysterious rants for me. Perhaps clarity will reveal itself when I am not so busy taking pictures with tourists and future women office holders, lawyers, CEO’s, college deans, etc. Deschedule 420 activists once conducted a smoke inn with a fifty foot inflatable joint. That day Peace Park most resembled Venice Beach.

Yeah, the White House Walkway is a lot like Venice Beach. Instead of watching the Ocean, you watch the White House. Instead of bathing suits you see three piece suits. Instead of artwork you see heartwork. Anti war activists. Survivors of the conflict in Cameroon, a crazy man who mumbles incoherent stuff about Qaddafi but has managed to train squirrels to fetch peanuts after running up his leg.

His crazy has heart. My crazy has heart. Crazy on You was a hit song by the band Heart. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Let me go crazy on you.

Cue lyrics

To be well adjusted in a sick society is not a sign of mental wellness is a saying attributed to Krishnamurrti .

I say it’s time to adjust society. Equal Means Equal. Equality for women under the law. Amen. And Awomen.


I continue to keep the Watch.
Join the Silent Sentinel Challenge.

Immer in service,
Jane Snow

*Google “arrests on April 20th 2017 Capitol Hill"

Day Three of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-15-17