December 9, 2017

Day 18 Saturday December 2nd – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

The twitter account #VIPcelebrity (@celebrity_VIP1 ) has recognized our #silentsentinelchallenge vigil two weeks in a row. And the Orange Wildling in the White House? Silent.

I wonder what it will take to get the Orange Wildling's attention regarding women’s rights. Burning a toupee nightly in a cauldron?

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

Peace Park has too many statues of Warmongers. Don’t get me wrong. They are all really Great Warmongers. They’re all men. They’re all Warmongers. They look really great in the eternal poses the sculpture placed them in. It’s all very impressive. Yes. Yes. War. History. Victory. More war. History.

The park needs a Suffragette statue. A memorial to the suffragettes would be a memorial to all the activists who have come here over time seeking justice, equality, and peace.

[Editors Note: Equal Means Equal’s dear friend Patricia Wirth, featured prominently in our Catharsis Launch video for the Silent Sentinel Challenge is the Executive Director of the Turning Point Suffrage Memorial Project, with the exact goal that Liz muses about above!  Please consider supporting them.]

A woman insists on taking my picture with her husband who wants to hold up the banners I have displayed today. Ok.

A mother comes by and explains that she encouraged her daughter to go into a career that had the promise of a living behind it. Something that made her money. Having money of her own before marriage was important.

Her daughter picked engineering school. She had no idea regarding the man circles and hostility her daughter would encounter during her studies. I recall a song I once heard Pete Seeger Sing in concert once that was written by Peggy Seeger.

All this time goin by like the song says and their list does not include women as equal.

You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by

All this time going by and still women in this country are not protected under the law. You would think with the leadership of Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Madame Curie … You would think women would be recognized as equal but no… Women are conditioned to be another pretty face in the crowd. You know who was conditioned to be another pretty face in the crowd? Hedy Lamarr. She was titled “The most beautiful woman in film.”

She was known for her work in “Samson and Delilah,” “The Female Animal,” and “A Lady without Passport,” among a long list of movie roles.

She also patented what was called the “secret communication system” in 1942. It involved changing radio frequencies to prevent the enemy from being able to detect messages.

Hedy’s patent was limited by technology at the time but became extremely important to the military with advent of the transistor and its downsizing. Her work was the beginning foundation of mobile phone technology.

However, it’s her beauty most people think of when her name is conjured. Neither Herman Rorschach nor Joseph Stalin are remembered as hotties and they were. Stalin and Rorschach cut handsome figures!

Young Hermann Rorschach

Rorschach is known for the ink blot test he invented and Stalin is known for his impressive accomplishments as a politician and soldier. Both of those dudes though- when they were young- total hotties.

Young Joe Stalin

Neither Stalin or Rorschach are held up as respectable because of their good looks, but instead remembered for their effective leadership in their chosen fields.

In 1942, Hedy and composer George Antheil patented what they called the “Secret Communication System.” The original idea, meant to solve the problem of enemies blocking signals from radio-controlled missiles during World War II, involved changing radio frequencies simultaneously to prevent enemies from being able to detect the messages. While the technology of the time prevented the feasibility of the idea at first, the advent of the transistor and its later downsizing made Hedy’s idea very important to both the military and the cell phone industry.

We lift our pretty faces toward the future – and we continue the Vigil.

Jane Snow