December 1, 2017

Day 17 Friday December 1st – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

The DayBreakers have gathered at Peace Park for their morning-conscious-dance-party... the fashions they sport are a throwback to the roaring twenties with a dash of future rave. Furs, mirrors, sequined pants mixed with fetish wear, aviator glasses, and smudge sticks. The DayBreakers have lit up their smudge sticks and they are smudging the White House.

Great billows of Sage smoke go up into the air.

I smile thinking of Jerry Rubin blowing soap bubbles before the House of Un-American Activitivies Committee.

The White House Walkers in their Secret Service uniforms close the park and command us all to go…

The DayBreakers dawdle, halting their egress for a group photo.

One of the DJ ‘s occasionally exclaims “all you need is love” as she holds up the pill-shaped portable speaker piping Bob Marley into the airwaves.

Actually, the Beatles were most likely out of their Ford high when they wrote that song because you actually do need a bit more than love to survive…

Money and equality are two more ingredients needed for the spiritual recipe the Beatles are singing about – all you need is to ratify the ERA.

The park opens later. Donlan comes by with Natalie in the afternoon. We enjoy chai vanilla lattes, hot chocolate, and warm conversations regarding the ERA.

Perhaps.. driving us .. at the root of our work is love. Love and necessity.

A famine starved kid in Africa has love, but still can’t afford an airline ticket to the bread basket of America.

A woman in a violent and abusive marriage has love, but still can’t buy an airline ticket to safety.

See what I’m getting at?

This vigil needs your help. We need your money. If you can’t be present in person be present in making certain funds for this to persist.

The ERA is about economics- ensure our daughters that their rights to economic equality under the law will not be denied due to our sex.

Donate now.

The vigil continues.

We are anything but silent.

Day 17 of the Silent Sentinel Challenge 12-01-17