November 30, 2017

Day 16 Thursday November 30th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

Many movements got a shot in the arm because someone was too tired to move. The Irish didn’t want to move regardless of English tyranny, so around the time the suffragettes were rising, James P Conolly gave his life for the Irish Citizen Army, Ireland, and her struggle for sovereignty. Rosa Parks was too tired to move. She became the mother of the freedom movement.

Today Rachel Donlan was too tired to move when the White House Walkers in their not so secret service gear tried to close the park. “Everybody has to move!” The guards exclaim. “We are closing the park!”
“No,” said Donlan. “I don’t want to go. I’m tired. I’m reasonable. Under the American with Disabilities Act I want an accommodation.”
“Okay. You can all stay,” the Secret Service said.
Peace Park won ground. A victory underneath the White House Wall…
One for the tourists and activists… A victory for freedom.
Dissension pays.
The watch continues.
The Silent Sentinel Challenge held the park open on this day.
Ground was gained.
A round of Bread and Roses on me for all the Silent Dentinels that have helped to keep the Watch.

Bread and Roses is inspired by the women-led St. Lawrence strike of 1912.

23,000 people left the mills and took to the streets because they were too tired to tolerate the working conditions of the textile American city any longer. The work week had been cut back from 56 to 54 hours but wages were also cut and looms were sped up. Families froze in the winter. Rickets was a common health issue.

The American Federation of Labor opposes the strike. It was called an anarchistic revolutionary act.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn led the strike of St. Lawrence.

Every union meeting was translated into 25 different languages.
The moving picket line was invented.
This event blazed trails because women led it and it was a conscious effort to unite workers of all nationalities.

Rachel Donlan is our Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Equal Means Equal has a message of intersectionality. We seek to unite women of all nationalities behind the movement of women’s equal rights beginning with the ratification of the ERA as started by those women who walked before us in 1972 and before that and before that.

Instead of lawyers, guns, and money just give us bread and Roses.. … and lawyers and money…

Give us our equal rights.

Day Sixteen of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-30-17

THANK YOU to Laura Callow and the millions of women and our allies who fought for ERA in the nineteen sixties and seventies!