November 29, 2017

Day 15 Wednesday November 29th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

I interviewed extensively to get into a Santa Monica studio developing movie ideas into full productions. I had made a little movie called “Washington Interns Gone Bad.” Then I wrote a sequel. “Washington Interns Gone Baghdad.”

I also had a modernized screenplay for a work by Shakespeare. I had more ideas outlined. I was given an office with an ocean view. I was told I was brilliant. There was no one like me. One of the partners said he’d been to Baghdad. My satire was not that far from the reality.

I was blissfully editing my screenplay “Washington Interns Gone Baghdad” when one of the partners came up behind me, grabbed my breasts, shook them, and asked “When do these come out?” I leaned my chest over the desk crushing his hands and answering, “Saturday night at my burlesque/comedy hour. Do you need stage time?”

Coddling his throbbing fingers he scuttled into the shadow of another room. I locked the door and edited my screenplay all night suspecting I may be fired the next day.

Like clockwork, the production assistants arrived at 8 am and were instructed to remove my belongings from the office I occupied.

I was called crazy. Insane. Blatantly untalented. There were hundreds of people that could replace me.

I moved into my car and took two jobs. I invite the #silentsentinelchallengeto greet me with love. It does.

Roses. A stranger gave me a Christmas arrangement of pine cones, roses, white carnations, pine trimmings, the Christmas works. “Thank you for being here,” she says continuing to keep pace with her company.

How wonderful to be welcomed to Peace Park’s promenade in such fashion. The whole day reflected that attitude of gratitude. Wonderful conversations with very aware people from all walks of life were enjoyed. The weather is mild allowing folks to enjoy the December flavor.

Winter may not be coming at all. Summer is here. It’s 63 degrees. The sun is hot and closer to the Earth. Climate change may be exacting it’s revenge by stopping Christmas from coming. The White House Walkers look hot in their secret service gear that’s not so secret.

Taylor joins us today. Taylor and Natalie share the Alice Paul Institute in common. Taylor attended the Alice Paul institute and Natalie included it as a stop along her walk to Washington on for the ERA.

Both Taylor and Alice Paul are Jersey Women. The institute is in Mt Laurel Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. Alice Paul’s birthplace. Paulsdale was designated a landmark in 1991. Drop in. It only takes a couple days to walk to DC according to Natalie White.

On your way to the #silentsentinelchallenge pop into Paulsdale, designed to look true to the era Alice Paul lived there. We have walked women’s rights a long way. We only have a few more steps to go.

Taylor and Natalie spent the day rocking the banners and grabbing photo opportunities with tourists.

Jay is Boston Strong and stands before me a new concert to feminism. Shy about admitting it out loud at first, Jay finally begins to shout for women’s rights with us. He holds a banner proudly. He wants his picture taken with it. He hops on the phone to answer a friends call and explains he’s a feminist and proud of it from now on. He says we truly made him a convert.

It’s not rocket science. It’s equal pay. It makes common sense and more importantly dollars and sense. More money to buy flowers for strangers. More money to fight for our right to party.

Day 15 Wednesday November 29th