November 25, 2017

Day 12 Saturday November 25th – Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

He lets me know he is a conservative. [Jimi Hendrix would use the phrase "white collar conservative."] As though I couldn’t smell his Republican spirit from the beautifully tailored beige windbreaker he wore. He has three daughters. One is a sherif deputy. One is getting her PhD.

He tells me that until his daughters came of age he would think this news of predatory behavior by powerful men is exaggerated but that it is now evident to him that the world is filled with men that objectify and bully women.

He tells me he never thought like that… he tells me he doesn’t understand predatory behavior.

He tells me proudly of the domestic violence work his daughter has done in pursuit of her current occupation as a law officer.

“It’s an epidemic!” he says quietly, in solidarity with me.

Santa Claus was here earlier making a pregame appearance in front of an expensive camera crew.

Waving at the White House on cue, receiving a line of excited visitors delighted they chose today to go to the White House, Santa stole the show. Shrieks from child lobbyists echoed off the walls of the Federal Claims Court and the White House.

Even Santa was overwhelmed at the attention he commanded. Children demanded to announce their Christmas wishes with more ardent passion than a vegan pleading for a Turkey’s life on Thanksgiving.

My thoughts visited Mrs Claus. I wondered what Mrs. Claus was being paid for darning her manhunk’s socks. I wondered what kind of paycheck she drew for keeping her husband’s schedule, working with the elves, reading the mail with her husband and helping with the North Pole‘s behavioral classification policies as to what constitutes naughty and nice.

For example: the suffragettes dissent. Naughty? Or nice?

Gonzo standards dictate nice. They were so very very nice. The women who fought for our right to vote were so lovely….

I think I will compose a Christmas card to Mrs. Claus this year.

She’s a lot like Ginger Rogers who did everything that Fred does but backwards and in high heels.

Day Twelve of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-25-17