November 14, 2017

Day 2 Tuesday November 14th- Silent Sentinel Vigil

By Elizabeth Croydon AKA Jane Snow

The White House Walkers are coming. With their bomb sniffing dogs they look as though they’ve trained themselves as hard to keep an icy eye toward the warm at heart as they have trained their loyal Service animal to disregard occasional tourists cooing at their adorable goodhearted nature.

They too keep a watch. We keep the watch together.
This morning the street leading up to White House wall was open. Children, interns, dignitaries, the vital elderly Chinese women who advocate for Falun Dafa – we were all aloud to mingle and play with our families and strangers in the street.
Then, like lifeguards calling adult swim we were all urged out of the pool (off the street and onto the sidewalk) and the yellow #policelinedonotcrosstape went up, forcing friends and family’s to take their holiday pictures with #policelinedonotcrosstape in the background- the only barrier between them and the White House Walkers.
The men and women White House Walking are very winsome in their secret service uniforms which Natalie White observes is not-so-secret. It’s hard to look grateful and festive with a semi-automatic dangling from your bullet proof vested chest but some of these guys manage to pull it off with panache.
There is a Game of Drones (G.O.D.) afoot. Everybody likes to play it. A bee.. or more precisely a dexterous and amiable waspish looking creature has crossed the path of Khalisi Kamala Lopez, Executive Director of Equal Means Equal, more than once during her visit from the Westeros Coast of Los Angeles ‘ tinsel town. It is suspected this bee is a drone, a worker for the White House Walkers.
A bee farmer from central California is perplexed and makes the affirmation that it is not a bee. What a bee is doing this far Northwest with winter coming has us all considering the insulating bennefit of tin hats. Game of Drones indeed.
God. Why do people like to play G.O.D. Anyway? What fun is there in ruling other people when one can spend a lifetime ruling oneself — which is all every little girl ever wanted to do since she decreed it okay to taste a bit of Santa’s Cookie on Christmas or open two presents on the first night of Chanukah. To be sovereign.
Every woman must be given equal rights under the law to attain one’s sovereignty . Sovereign sister suffragettes. We are tired of those who wish to play G.O.D. with our bodies, our clothing, our paychecks.
Justice Scalia played GOD when he stated that until there is an amendment protecting women’s equal rights under the law, it is not illegal to discriminate against us due to our sex.
Justice Scalia ruled in favor of Wallmart regarding the largest sex/pay discrimination case in U.S. history. He played GOD with our rights ruling for the corporate Walmart.
As watcher of the White House Wall, among other walls I watch, Wallmart is a Great Wall that must be watched. We cannot have corporations walking around with the rights of people. We cannot have Wallmart Walkers. That is why we focus on this wall before us . We must see beyond the wall. Be the three eyed squirrel. Go nuts. Have a vision that your message is heard. Your voice. The voice of the Silent Sentinels echoes in the November wind today… like a visionary three eyed raven their voices…moving through ours say, “ERA”…
We spend the day robed in the uniform our sister soldiers wore before us… long winter coats.. a single simple sash reading ‘Ratify the ERA’ and quiet tenacity in our pleasant smiles that say to the knowing: we staying.
Bring the winter. Summer will come again. Just because the sun is modest doesn’t mean it won’t shine. And in this Watching of the Wall, every smile, fist bump, thumbs up, cheer, photo request, and question invigorates me and reminds me that I do not watch alone.
“When we answer each other’s prayers GOD moves through us,” a woman touched by the Lord of Light preaches into a bullhorn. She too rests a moment to read our signs and pause.
This is everyone’s cause.
Take part.
I remain immer (immer is always in German. I like it cuz it rhymes with glimmer and shimmer. When I conceive of it I always imagine it shimmers) in service to those who take the Silent Sentinel Challenge.
Sign up. Join me.

Day Two of the Silent Sentinel Challenge - 11-14-17