September 13, 2019

A very big THANK YOU!!

By Kamala, Natalie, and the EME Team

It’s been an amazing day. When we arrived at the EME House in Suffolk, late last night we were overwhelmed and so grateful to see all the items from our Amazon Wish list that you sent us. There were so many packages out in front of the house that our kind neighbors took it upon themselves to put them all in the garage for us! Thank goodness they did, because last night, aside from the beautiful full moon, there was a massive thunderstorm! We would like to thank you for the love and support that you have for us and for all the equality warriors who are coming out here soon to give of their time and efforts to help us win the ERA.

So so kind. Please forgive us if anything is incorrectly attributed!  Thank you thank you! xoxoxoxoxoxox

If you are from Virginia or out of state and want to work for equality and the ERA at this historic moment, you are most welcome to join us at the house.

From today until Election Day, we are hitting the ground in crucial districts: canvassing and educating the public on ERA and the upcoming local state elections. Come volunteer and join the fun. Sign up now to book your room at the EME HOUSE!

If you can’t come, please buy our iScreamforEquality Tshirts or Virginia 38 Jerseys and help us fund the fight in Virginia.


Tomorrow we are hitting the Outlaw Festival in Virginia Beach where 20,000 Virginians will be listening to Willie Nelson & Bonnie Raitt, among other greats, and we will be giving out ten thousand flyers about ERA and the upcoming elections.

Watch our social media space to keep up with our everyday campaign activities.

Stay tuned and thanks for the love – we sure do appreciate it!

With love and thanks,

Kamala, Natalie and the EME Team